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Um, Drag Race’s Heidi N Closet and Kahanna Montrese are randomly beefing on Twitter

‘I’ll fix my credit when you fix that drooping ass’

The Drag Race All Stars 8 girls continue to get messy – and now Heidi N Closet and Kahanna Montrese are beefing on Twitter and their argument is getting testy. It’s unclear right now where it’s all come from, but neither girl seems to be playing around here. Screenshots are being posted, insults flung… here’s all the messy beef between Drag Race contestants Heidi N Closet and Kahanna Montrese as the fight on Twitter rages on.

‘Gingivitis halitosis breath’

Kahanna Montrese posted a cryptic tweet last night, which Heidi N Closet then responded to seemingly boasting about being on tour.

Kahanna then goes in on Heidi, saying “Don’t nobody care about you being in Norway girl! I’m working the world hoe! Doing my own gigs in between. When you have your own home, good credit, that gingivitis halitosis breath fixed then I’ll be impressed!”

Heidi then quoted the tweet and clapped back with “Girl, Kahanna ‘Crimson Chin’ Montrese you live in Vegas the house market is cheap I could afford a house there. I’ll fix my credit when you fix that drooping ass. I took a sh*t in a parking lot and it got more press than you girl bye.” Here, Heidi’s referring to a viral video where she admitted to defecating in a Scottish car park whilst on tour.

Kahanna then replied to Heidi saying “See you in Chicago, sis” which Heidi accused of being threatening.

Kahanna has been talking about it all on Instagram live too, of which people are posting clips on Twitter where she tells Heidi it’s “on sight”.

Heidi N Closet has also been posted screenshots allegedly from Kahanna Montrese where the fight has been continuing. The general reaction to all this has been that of confusion. One fan said on Twitter “From what I’m reading [Kahanna’s] feelings seem hurt to be honest, I’m not sure why this has to play out on Twitter.”

Another said “Kahanna is clearly just really hurt by the way everything went down. I was just in her live and she was crying about this. I really hope you guys figure it out before it escalates further. It’s sad what this show does to friendships and queens.” Of course, Kahanna and Heidi fought just as Heidi removed herself from the competition – it seems things remain unresolved.

The fight is still ongoing, so check back in for updates as we have them.

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