Molly Marsh attempts at fame

A brief history of all of Molly Marsh’s many attempts to get famous before Love Island

She’s a huge panto girlie


Molly Marsh, whether you like her or not, has quickly become one of the main characters of this year’s Love Island villa. And, after Zachariah kissed her instead of Catherine last night, viewers on Twitter are claiming Molly’s acting roots could be making her confuse her feelings with a love for attention. “Molly is a theatre gal,” wrote one fan. “Them man love attention. Like she’s loving the drama and she’s loving that it’s at Catherine’s detriment.”

With a Coronation Street star mum (Janet), friendships with former Islanders (Molly-Mae, Olivia Attwood etc), a fling with Tommy Fury, and management representation from Flourish MGMT, it’s fair to say Molly had her fair share of attempts at fame before entering the Love Island villa.

So, in case you’re interested, here is an extensive rundown of all the times Molly from Love Island soaked up the spotlight. Trust me, they get more unhinged as we go along. You have to respect the hustle.

She’s appeared in pantomimes and loads of other theatre productions

Molly is a full blown pantomime girlie and most recently performed in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Middleton Arena as the Forest Fairy. When she was 11, she made her stage debut when she auditioned against hundreds of other children to be picked to star in Oliver at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. As well as a soap actress, Molly’s mum is a drama teacher at Ash Hill Academy and has always encouraged her to get involved with performing, which makes total sense.

She’s been on stage at Britain’s Got Talent with her mum

Molly Marsh Love Island

Literally weeks before she was announced as a Love Island contestant, Molly was on stage with her mum on the set of Britain’s Got Talent. They also got in the judges chairs, where Molly joked she was “keeping Simon’s seat warm”. But, honestly, you don’t know where this girl i  going to spring up next ITV have handed her fame.

She was in a Christmas short film with Britain’s Got Talent’s Twist and Pulse

When Molly was 18 she performed alongside Britain’s Got Talent’s Twist and Pulse in potentially the most cursed Christmas short film I’ve ever seen. Cast as one of Santa’s helpers, Molly danced and sang as Twist and Pulse took jobs as temporary elves for the festive season to earn some extra cash. It’s about as good as it sounds.

She helped promo Olivia Attwood’s Getting Filthy Rich documentary series

Molly’s had to bat off various accusations that she’s an ITV plant on Love Island. But it’s not really a surprise there’ve been questions as she’s previously played a big hand in promoting their shows. Previously, Molly has sat down with former Islander Olivia Attwood to talk about her Getting Filthy Rich documentary about OnlyFans content creation.

She has over 700k TikTok followers and counting for doing basically nothing

Potentially what’s given Molly the most public attention is her TikTok account, which (thanks to the calculated algorithm) is all over everyone’s For You Page’s right now. Before Molly went into the Love Island villa, she had about 600k followers for posting dance trends, outfit videos, and general influencer content. After being in the villa a week, this has jumped up to 750k and counting.

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