Phillip Schofield Lost Mary vape

Phillip Schofield clutching on to a Lost Mary is cursed and these tweets prove it

This has done more damage for the vape community than health warnings ever could

The news last night that BBC would be, Beyoncé 2013 style, dropping a 43 minute iPlayer interview with Phillip Schofield rocked the internet into a frenzy – desperate to hear what Schofield has to say for himself after a week of explosive accusations and THAT Eamonn Holmes GB News tell all. But what perhaps overshadowed all where Twitter was concerned was the fact that amongst all the headlines and the accusations was a 61 year old fella clutching onto a Lost Mary vape for dear life. Here are all the best reactions to Phillip Schofield and his Lost Mary vape.

1. Something has shifted

2. Vapes have never been less of a vibe I fear

3. Not me x

4. Not a Proud Mary vape ffs… ROLLING!

5. ‘Furiously vaping’ has absolutely finished me off

6. He must have been gagging for a puff

7. The plot just thickened so deeply

8. He’s on the EDGE

9. I believe the word is… plummeting

10. Why is this the funniest tweet I’ve 

I mean, it’s all just a bit jarring isn’t it? Here is Phillip Schofield, a man we’ve seen on our screens relentlessly for our whole life toking on a Lost Mary vape like he’s chatting to you in the smoking area. It’s perhaps an image for the ages about the rise of disposable vapes, here is one of the most well known and disgraced men in the country huffing on one in an environment as professional as a BBC 43 minute apology explanation special. It’s so surreal I think we’ll be thinking about it for decades to come, alas. Vapes have truly never been less chic.

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