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Chanita says she felt ‘so lonely’ after appearing on Married at First Sight UK

‘It put me in a really dark place’

Chanita was a beloved bride on Married at First Sight UK 2022 and viewers had high hopes for her relationship with Jordan. However as the reunion rolled around, it became clear they weren’t the strongest couple viewers had seen for two months on end.

A year on since the dramatic wedding ceremonies, Chanita has opened up about the mental toll seeing herself on MAFS UK took and how “lonely” she felt after not finding what she came for on the series.

In an interview with OK! Chanita said it was “tough” to watch herself back. “Watching the show back, I felt so many emotions,” she explained.

“I was cringing at myself thinking, ‘Why did I look like that? What did I react like that? Did I really say that?’ It was tough because when you watch it, it takes you back to exactly how you felt at that time.”

Chanita was matched with Jordan during the MAFS UK experiment and despite them proving to be successful, it was later revealed they stopped speaking to each other once filming ended.

The former bride continued: “It was an emotional rollercoaster. I have learnt a lot about myself from it and I know more about my self-worth now, which I thought I did before I went on. Now I really do. Honestly, I’ve had to start from scratch on everything I’ve been working towards before MAFS UK. My confidence and self-esteem. It’s all taken such a hit. I just felt so lonely after the show. I’ve had to build myself up again.”

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Chanita revealed the Christmas reunion “really messed” with her mental health. “It put me in a really dark place,” she began.

“It sounds silly because I obviously was there, but watching it back I see people lying and saying stuff I didn’t know was said. I just cried from start to finish watching that episode.”

Despite the toll it took on her while the show was airing on E4, Chanita says her mental health has “definitely improved”. “I’m back to being me,” she said.

“I was annoyed at myself for letting everything get to me so much. There’s always more work to do but I think everything happens for a reason. Jordan wasn’t the one for me but I’ll take lessons from it.”

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