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Shannon finally reveals why he wrote ‘stay’ at the commitment ceremony on MAFS Australia

I guess now it makes sense…

Shannon has finally revealed why he wanted to stay with Caitlin during their explosive commitment ceremony on MAFS Australia after it was revealed he was still in love with his ex-partner.

Shannon was matched with Caitlin during the experiment and they left fairly early on because Shannon admitted he had feelings for someone else and didn’t find Caitlin attractive. Despite this, Shannon said he wanted to stay with Caitlin, and everyone, even the experts, were incredibly confused.

The former groom has since revealed his reasoning behind it all. In response to season nine bride, Domenica Calarco, criticising him on her podcast, he said: “The reason I said ‘stay’ is because I stick to my promises and she also said ‘stay’ that night too.

“You can take it out on me as much… but your season was absolutely sticky Mickey. You and Olivia Frazer, even though you don’t see eye to eye, you on camera darling is prime time.”

This comes after Domenica dubbed the groom as “sh*tty Shannon” when the scenes aired over in Australia.

“Sh*tty Shannon thought it was a good idea to write ‘stay’ when he has treated that woman sitting next to him like an absolute piece of dirt,” she said.

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