Speedy Queer Eye

This is what Speedy from Queer Eye has been up to since filming with the Fab Five

Karamo scouted Speedy on TikTok!

In Netflix’s Queer Eye season seven, the Fab Five meet Speedy, a wheelchair user who uses his TikTok channel to bring out the best in others. Karamo revealed he found Speedy on TikTok for the show. Speedy’s TikTok account has over 124,000 followers on TikTok and 1.8 million likes.

We hear Speedy share his story on Queer Eye about the tragedy that led to him becoming paraplegic. On 25th April 2020, when he was 18, he was in the car with his mum and his aunt when an F-150 truck hit them. The car flew off the road and hit a tree. Speedy went through hours of surgery on his back and when he woke up he was told he was paralysed from the waist down. He also learned his mum and aunt both tragically died in the crash.

Speedy, whose real name is Ray Walker, was given his nickname by a basketball coach when he was younger and it stuck. Before the accident, Speedy said he dreamed of being a professional basketball player and using the money to give his mum a better life. However, at the start of the episode, he admitted he rarely plays or watches basketball anymore. Speedy said he prefers to be at home rather than out because he felt self-conscious about his wheelchair.

However when the Fab Five get involved, Speedy now has an accessible apartment and a determination to use what happened to him as motivation for others. This is what Speedy is up to today on TikTok, following his journey on Queer Eye.

Speedy Queer Eye

Speedy shares loads of life updates on his TikTok

Back in September 2022, Speedy revealed he started college and that he was dating. Later this year he showed off some new tattoos on his knees and he finally got hold of his dream car as he remembered his mum on the third year anniversary of the crash.

By posting on TikTok, Speedy normalises what it is like to have a wheelchair and also showed how he drives a car without using his legs.

You can follow Speedy on TikTok here and check out his GoFundMe page which aims to help pay his rent on his new apartment. So far he has raised over $37,000

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