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Janelle and Evelyn say the events on MAFS Australia season 10 were ‘pretty true to home’

Janelle said ‘the top line of what happened in most relationships’ was shown on TV


Janelle Han and Evelyn Ellis have they felt Married at First Sight Australia perfectly captured everything that went down on season 10.

A few of their co-stars have called out MAFS Australia due to their ‘edit and others brides and grooms have echoed Janelle and Evelyn’s thoughts.

Speaking to Yahoo about their time and representation on the show, Evelyn said: “For me, I know a lot of people talk about ‘the edit’ and how people are perceived, but I feel like it captures the main essence of the feelings of the room.”

“So I wasn’t too shocked or blown away by the famous ‘edit’,” Evelyn said. “I was like, ‘Yeah that happened’, and obviously there was a steer in narration, but thoughts and feelings, I think it was pretty true to home – for me anyway.”

Janelle agreed with Evelyn’s sentiment about the much talked about “edit”. “I think a lot of things don’t get shown because you’re filming for so long,” Janelle explained.

“But if they had to pick the top line of what happened in most relationships, I think it was shown. It was pretty accurate in terms of my story.”

Former MAFS Australia cast members also gave their opinion on the much talked about edit during their own seasons. Hayley Vernon, who was on MAFS Australia season seven, said she felt her time on the show was “definitely dramatised” for entertainment.

“There were moments where I had red devil eyes from crying and then it went to normal and went to red, but the general gist there,” she said.

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