MAFS Australia cast members called out show

All the Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast members who have since called out the show

Jesse has gone in on the producers


Since episodes of Married at First Sight Australia finished airing down under, a number of the cast members have called out the show for how they were portrayed. The cast have been appearing on a number of podcasts and even just beefing on TikTok to get their version of the truth out there, with someone even praising the accuracy of the show’s editing.

From calling out their “villain edit” or noting things that were completely cut out of scenes, here are all the Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast members who have called out the show for how they were portrayed.


Tayla entered the experiment as an intruder bride alongside groom Hugo and as their romance unravelled on TV, it was clear to everyone their relationship wasn’t going to work out.

Tayla spoke to The Tab about what it’s been like for her after being given, what she calls, “the mean girl edit”. With episodes airing in the UK, viewers haven’t taken kindly to Tayla, with those on social media calling her “pathetic” and a “control freak”.

“I was given the mean girl edit. There was no female villain therefore I was given that character,” she told The Tab.

“You don’t realise the consequences in that moment and how what you said can be taken out of context.”

Tayla said viewers only see a “glimpse” of what actually goes down during the commitment ceremonies, dinner parties and various activities they take part in. She said the trolling she sees other cast members receive is difficult because she knows them as a completely different person.

She said: “It’s hard seeing what people say about your fellow cast members because you know they’re lovely people but their storylines have been unfavourable.” Tayla continued to tell The Tab the bullying she has received is “intense”.

“It’s the luck of the draw with the edit,” she explained, continuing: “It’s important for people to realise how heavily edited reality TV is because the bullying that comes with these shows is intense.”


MAFS Australia groom Harrison is another one of the cast members who has called out the show over his portrayal.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Harrison claimed if viewers saw the events through his perspective, they would have a complete different opinion of him.

“If they saw the stimulus, if they saw the context to what I was reacting to in the first place, they’d probably think, “Sh*t, this guy’s extremely patient,'” he said.

He continued to say his biggest regret was staying on the show. “They [producers] showed every little thing I did in this negative way. They had enough material to cut a different season of MAFS and they never showed it.”


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MAFS Australia star Jesse is yet another one of the cast members who has called out the show and claimed it wasn’t his idea to create the dating ick list that viewers saw him read from.

In the supposed list, Jesse noted everything that gave him the ick when it came to dating, including “chicks who pout” and “star sign chicks”. He has since claimed the ick list wasn’t his idea.

Speaking on the So Dramatic! podcast, Jesse said: “I sat in an interview for two hours. I told producers about my entire life, and they picked 30 seconds where I pulled out a list they asked me to write.”

He did admit the things on the list were genuine icks of his but remained adamant he “hated” it being called an ick list.

“There’s such a negative connotation to it. We all have things that we’re not attracted to, they were mine,” he added.

Jesse has also had his say on the final edit he and Claire were given during the reunion episode and he was not best pleased.

In a Facebook post, Jesse wrote: “Allow me to clarify. Almost everything I say about Claire that night has been craftily edited to appear that there’s still a chance for us.

“I actually spent the entire drive to the reunion talking about how I wasn’t keen on seeing Claire or Adam and how I wanted to mostly be by myself that night. What you saw was Claire and I simply being polite, friendly and kind to each other. No need for a fight.”


Although Tahnee didn’t directly hit out at the show, she did make a subtle dig and said she and Ollie got “zero airtime” on MAFS Australia.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph Australia, Tahnee said: “Ollie and I got zero airtime, but we are happy. People still get to see our personalities and who we are.”


MAFS Australia bride Alyssa has recently spoken out against the show and said she was given the “villain edit” during the experiment.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph Australia, Alyssa said she feels “hurt and betrayed” by producers after watching the series back. She admitted she went through a “really dark couples of months” while the episodes played out and had to stop watching because she “could see what the edit was”.

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