Stranger Things Evil Dead Rise

Stranger Things writers are teasing an Evil Dead Rise crossover and the theories are wild

Eddie’s name in the title, don’t play with me like this…

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but the writers of Stranger Things have tweeted out a tease that there is connection between the new horror film Evil Dead Rise and season five. We don’t know why, we don’t know how. But fans are tweeting out all the theories on what Stranger Things season five and Evil Dead Rise could possibly have in common.

It’s not the most out of the question crossover ever – Evil Dead is famously a huge and seminal 80s horror franchise and Stranger Things couldn’t be more 80s themed if its tried, and is rich in horror and sci-fi referencing from the era. However, Evil Dead Rise is extremely violent and outrageously gory – surely there are big tonal clashes in levels of horror? Anyway – the theories are theorying – here’s what fans are theorising about the Stranger Things and Evil Dead Rise crossover.

Characters coming back as zombies

Okay, Evil Dead kind of has zombies –  hence the title, but they’re actually Deadites. Imagine a Deadite army of the characters who’ve died romping through Hawkins? Hell on earth. It’s one theory, but the Stranger Things writers have binned it off straight away. Deadite Bob remains but a pipe dream.

Eddie’s name in Evil DeaD rIsE

No I’m shaking at this. The tease! The trauma. It’s too convenient! Also, apart from one letter, you can make “Eddie is alive” from the title. I am going to scream, officially.

Papa’s alive?

Not having this one. He is evil, and he is dead. End of. There’s no Rise about it!

Wuthering Heights is at the start of Evil Dead Rise

Okay, this is a me theory – but one crossover is at the start of the film a character is reading Wuthering Heights. Famously, Kate Bush sings a song of the same name before releasing Running Up That Hill!

Victims die in similar manners to Vecna

The floating in the air is really similar.

Limbs snap like Vecna victims

Thee’s a leg and arm snapping sequence in Evil Dead Rise that looks almost exactly like the harrowing way Vecna victims die.

A Book of the Dead in Stranger Things S5?

The Necronomicon is a a major part of the Evil Dead franchise – could a similar kind of book be heading to Stranger Things season five?

They’re killing off Joyce (welp)

Hardly a spoiler, but from the poster alone it’s pretty apparent things don’t go smoothly for the mother in Evil Dead Rise. Could it be a clue that Joyce is going down a similar route to a grisly fate? I can’t take this!

Something to do with Jonathan

Jonathan Byers has an Evil Dead poster in his room, so could this all be a hint to his character?

The Stranger Things writers have said that most of the theories are close but no one has got it right yet – although I’m dubious they’d confess it if anyone did. I need answers and I need the now – but whilst you’re waiting for them, go see Evil Dead Rise. It’s great, if you’ve got the stomach for it.

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