DMs to models and make or break holidays: A full rundown of the Ekin-Su and Davide drama

Ekin-Su is said to have sent messages to a model calling her a ‘f***king s**g’ for allegedly sleeping with Davide

Right now, there’s a lot of drama surrounding Love Island 2022 winners Ekin-Su and Davide. There’s talk of scandals, breaking up and holidays to decide on their future.

Of course, as Ekin-Su and Davide always do, they haven’t let their drama pass by them, they’ve been straight on Twitter posting cryptic messages in response to scandalous tabloid rumours, and have accused people of selling stories to get benefit from their names. It’s been a lot.

Here’s a full rundown of the drama going on right now, from start to finish.

Love Island winners Ekin-Su and Davide

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It was alleged Davide had been messaging models on Instagram and Ekin-Su had found out

The whole drama started when Davide was accused of seeing other women, whilst Ekin-Su was away at a beauty event. Ekin-Su was in Belfast at a signing with a beauty brand, and Davide apparently was texting and meeting up with models.

The Sun reported Ekin-Su had been suspicious something was going on between Davide and two other women, and found messages on her phone which left her “fuming and upset”. He is also reported to have met up with the girls in Manchester.

A source said: “It all exploded after she [Ekin-Su] found messages on Davide’s phone discussing their time together. He had been messaging both of the girls and she suspected they had all met up one night. Ekin-Su contacted one of the girls to tell them she knew about things. She was furious and really upset.”

Ekin-Su and Davide then went on a ‘make or break holiday’ to work things out after the drama

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Last week, Ekin-Su and Davide travelled to Amsterdam for what is being called a “make or break holiday”. They were surrounded by split rumours, and fans noticed Ekin-Su didn’t post any photos with Davide, all her photos were alone. Davide however posted a pic of Ekin-Su in their hotel room, to confirm they are still together.

The holiday was reportedly “a bid for Davide to clear the air” and a “desperate attempt to win Ekin-Su over again”. An insider told The Sun: “Ekin has been angry and upset and the pair really needed a change to reconnect.

“Ekin and Davide are at their best when they are away from everyone else and can concentrate on each other – without any distractions. Davide has a lot of grovelling to do and he’s vowed to cut down on clubbing in Manchester without her. He hopes this trip will be enough to reassure Ekin and make things right again.”

They both posted some pretty cryptic tweets about it all

As all of this was going on, Ekin-Su and Davide posted some out of context messages on both Twitter and Instagram.

One tweet Ekin-Su posted, which was later deleted, seemed to be a dig at other women. It read: “No man will ever take u seriously with just half naked pictures of u in a bikini and lingerie.” She also shared a quote on Instagram reading: “A girl can be just as sexy without showing some skin.”

Davide seemed to use Twitter to deny any of the rumours are true, and hinted instead any “sources” speaking to papers are after money. “People will happily make shit up for £1-2,000 unfortunately man,” he said.

Now apparent texts have been ‘leaked’ of supposed exchanges between Ekin-Su and women who Davide was talking to

This week, The Sun reported Ekin-Su sent a “tirade” of messages in a rant to a model over rumours she slept with Davide. In the messages to Harriet Wilson, which The Sun is claiming to have seen, Ekin-Su is said to have called her a “f***ing s**g” for “sleeping with my boyfriend” and warned her: “You’re finished.”

She apparently also went for a woman called Phoebe Wintle, after finding texts on Davide’s phone. In messages to Harriet, The Sun on Sunday claimed Ekin-Su said: “You f***ing s**g. Sleeping with my boyfriend! Disgusting. Why would you do that?

“You and Phoebe are gonna be shown to everyone s**gs. Pretending nothing happened. Just wait for it. You cow. You’re finished mate.”

According to the publication, Harriet and Ekin-Su know one another, and Harriet used to “keep an eye” on Davide whilst he was on nights out in Manchester, and “report back” to Ekin-Su.

There are now rumours the scandal will end in a split

Love Island winners Ekin-Su and Davide

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Today it’s been reported the drama has gotten so intense, people are worried it will end in a split for Davide and Ekin-Su. People have noticed the pair haven’t been posting together recently, with one person asking: “Did they break up?” Another said: “Will there ever be another Ekinde grid post?”

Ekin-Su and Davide are yet to directly comment on all the rumours. 

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