Alyssa says she was ‘coincidentally’ made redundant after appearing on MAFS Australia

Don’t they know she has a child?!

Married at First Sight Australia 2023 bride Alyssa Barmonde has lost her job following her appearance on the reality TV show.

The single mother from Sydney has revealed she was made redundant from the company she worked at for seven years.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph Australia, Alyssa said it was a “coincidence” she was made redundant two weeks after the MAFS Australia 2023 finale aired. The bride believes it is because of her portrayal on the show.

“It was really dark for a couple of months,” she said, explaining she had to stop watching the show “because I could see what the edit was”.

Alyssa revealed she is now seeing her therapist up to three times a week due to the bullying and harassment she has received from viewers of MAFS Australia 2023.

“It’s unreal. Some of the messages people send to me on my personal phone number and business accounts. You can chat your opinion of me in this highly edited show in person and on social media, but if you find my number, and write up the most vile message I’ve ever seen and hit send, that’s intent to hurt. It’s not on.”

Alyssa has insisted her portrayal on the show was “unfair” and noted her arguments with Duncan were shown to viewers without context.

The bride was often shown on screen to have emotional outbursts and in intense arguments with her TV husband, Duncan. Duncan and Alyssa went their separate ways after calling it a day on their relationship during the final vows.

During the final vows, Duncan made the heartbreaking decision to end things and said: “I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to continue getting hurt, so I have to say goodbye.”

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