Jury Duty Cast

Ok, this is where you’ve seen all of the Jury Duty improv actors before

James Marsden isn’t the only star among the cast


Jury Duty, the mockumentary prank show where all the jurors in a comedy court case are actors, apart from one guy called Ronald Gladden, has officially taken over TikTok with 50 million views on the hashtag alone. And, as we wow and bow at the flawless improv acting that convinces Ron every mad thing going on in the trial is real (like, seriously, how do they not laugh?) everyone has been wondering where we’ve seen these actors before.

So, in case you feel like you recognise jurors Barbara, Vanessa, Todd and Kirk from the outside world, here’s everything they’ve been in before pranking Ron on Jury Duty:

James Marsden (as himself)

Jury Duty cast

Playing himself in the series, James Marsen is the most famous man on the show – and never lets anyone else forget it. He’s previously been in The Notebook, Westworld, Enchanted and, much to Ron’s glee, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sex Drive.

Trisha LaFache aka Deb

Trisha LaFache jury duty

Lawyer Deb who’s tasked with convincing the jury her rich client Jacqui had her business ruined by a urinating employee, is played by Trisha LaFache who’s previously been in the legal drama Doubt, Westworld and coached other well known actors including Lenny Kravitz, Suki Waterhouse and Pete Davidson.

Ben Seaward aka Trevor

Ben Seaward Jury Duty

Trevor, the man on trial for falling asleep and peeing over the merchandise at his job at Jacqui’s T-shirt factory, is played by Ben Seaward. You’ll most likely recognise him from his appearances in Modern Family and Grace and Frankie.

Whitney Rice aka Jacqui

Jury Duty cast

Jacqui, the Gwyneth Paltrow-esque woman who’s suing Trevor for ruining her business, is played by Whitney Rice who’s previously been in the F. Scott. Fitzgerald adaptation The Last Tycoon and Suits as Nina Harford.

Ross Kimball aka Ross

Jury Duty cast

Keeping his own name for the series, Ross Kimball has made brief appearances in the Netflix show Love, the comedy series Superstore, and Chicago Med.  Ross started his teaching improv acting. So, it makes total sense that he was cast on Jury Duty.

Kirk Fox aka Pat

Jury Duty cast

Probably the most recognisable actor after James Marsden, juror Pat (aka Kirk Fox) has played Sewage Joe in Parks and Recreation, as well as Blade in Community. He’s also appeared in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Patriot and the Kevin Hart film Let Go.

Maria Russell aka Inez

Jury Duty cast

In charge of the groups hectic outing to Margaritaville, who’s devastated when Ron beats her to be foreperson of the trial, Inez is played by Maria Russell, who has previously been in everything from Teen Wolf, General Hospital and the Netflix film The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.

David Brown aka Todd

Jury Duty cast

Arguably the most unhinged but lovable Jury Duty character, Todd aka David Brown develops an adorable friendship with Ron where he attempts to boost his confidence and give him a makeover. In reality, David isn’t a tech nerd and has secured roles in The Everything Now Show, The Year Between and the series Snugglr.

Cassandra Blair aka Vanessa

Jury Duty cast

Dubbing herself the “Reddit of Bureau of Investigations” in episode one of Jury Duty, you might recognise Vanessa aka Cassandra Blair from her roles in Westworld, NCIS: Hawaii and 9-1-1.

Susan Berger aka Barbara

Jury Duty cast

Barbara first comes into contact with Ron when she starts falling asleep the whole way through huge chunks of the trial and he’s ordered to keep her awake. But IRL, Barbara (played by Susan Berger) is much more active and has made appearances in Lucifer, Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy.

Mekki Leeper aka Noah

Jury Duty cast

Another unhinged addition to the Jury Duty cast is Noah, aka Mekki Leeper, who asks Ron to jump on the bed while he has sex with Jeannie so it doesn’t count as cheating. Mekki has most recently been in Mindy Kaling’s The Sex Lives of College Girls and was also a writer for Jury Duty.

Pramode Kumar aka Ravi

Jury Duty cast

Baffling Ron when he bursts out singing on the bus on the way to Margaritaville, Ravi, played by Pramode Kumar, has appeared numerous times on Jimmy Kimmel Live as Roger. He’s also played Punna in Shameless, a shopkeeper in Birds of Prey and featured in the mini-series Peter, Tom and Jerry.

Ron Song aka Ken Hyun

Jury Duty cast

Ken Hyun, the juror who Ron wins $2,000 off of while playing board games, is played by Ron Song who tries to get out of jury duty because he owns and manages “two gumball machines”. Ahead of Jury Duty, Ken has been in Netfix’s From Scratch, and the miniseries Gaslit with actual Julia Roberts. Fame.

Edy Modica aka Jeannie

Jury Duty cast

The chaotic party girl who’s favourite past-time is corrupting innocent guys, Jeannie, is played by Edy Modica who started her career in short films including Nicole, In the Flesh and the TV series Made for Love.

Ishmel Sahid aka Lonnie

Jury Duty cast

Originally a back up juror with James Marsden before being promoted to the main group, you might recognise Lonnie (aka Ishmel Shaid) from Cousins for Life and Kingdom. He also featured in Ungawa Abdula’s Hollywood Report in 2012 and A Knock at the Door in 2016.

Rashida Olayiwola aka Officer Nikki

Jury Duty cast

In charge of keeping all of the jurors in check, Officer Nikki is played by Rashida Olayiwola who has featured in loads of comedy shows, including Sherman’s Showcase and South Side. Hoping and praying for more shows with her in after her Jury Duty performance.

Alan Barinholtz aka Judge Rosen

Jury Duty cast

The stern-faced judge in charge of the entire trial is played by Alan Barinholtz who’s not only an actor but a real-life attorney, too. Before jury duty, Alan has been on Hulu’s History of the World: Part 2 and played Morgan in The Mindy Project

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