Meet the cast of new steamy Netflix thriller Obsession and where you recognise them from

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Netflix has just released a new seductive thriller called Obsession, and the cast is full of faces you’re going to recognise. It follows a surgeon who embarks on an obsessive affair with his son’s girlfriend, which spirals out of control.

Obsession is a four-part limited series about erotic obsession and forbidden desire, based on Josephine Hart’s novella, Damage. It follows a dangerous love triangle that emerges when the enigmatic Anna Barton embarks on a passionate affair with her fiance’s father, William.

Here is the full cast of Obsession on Netflix, and where you recognise them all from.

Richard Armitage – William Farrow

Cast of Obsession on Netflix

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The lead in the cast of Obsession on Netflix is played by Richard Armitage, who you definitely recognise from a bunch of Harlan Coben Netflix thriller adaptations. He plays William Farrow, a successful surgeon. He is father to Jay and husband to Ingrid. Everything in his life seems great, but then he becomes obsessed with Anna.

Richard Armitage is best known by Netflix fans as being in The Stranger and Stay Close, both adaptations of Harlan Coben novels. Elsewhere he is best known as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy adaptation of The Hobbit.

Charlie Murphy – Anna Barton

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Charlie Murphy plays the enigmatic Anna Barton, who works in the foreign office, and embarks on a passionate affair with her fiance’s father, William. Whilst Anna fights to sustain both relationships, William is drawn into an obsessive spiral. But how long can they keep their secret hidden before someone gets hurt?

Charlie most recently played Ann Gallagher in Happy Valley, and is also known as Jessie Eden in Peaky Blinders.

Indira Varma – Ingrid Farrow

Cast of Obsession on Netflix

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Indira Varma plays Ingrid, the wife of William. She is the surgeon’s intellectual equal, working as a barrister, which makes him having an affair behind her back all the more confusing.

You might recognise Indira from roles in Luther, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Game of Thrones.

Rish Shah – Jay Farrow

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Jay Farrow is the son of William, and engaged to marry Anna. The junior doctor has no idea about their affair, which exposes a lot in the relationships he has with those closest to him.

Jay is played by Rish Shah, who you might know from Ms. Marvel or Strangers. He also starred in Netflix films Do Revenge and To All the Boys: Always and Forever.

Pippa Bennett-Warner – Peggy

Cast of Obsession on Netflix

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Pippa Bennett-Warner plays Peggy, a friend of Anna’s. She is one of the only links Anna has back to her complicated past. You might recognise actress Pippa as Shannon Dumani in Gangs of London, Rochelle in Roadkill, or as Livia in Chloe.

Sonera Angel – Sally Farrow

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Sally is Jay’s sister and William and Ingrid’s daughter. She is played by Sonera Angel, who is best known for roles in Red Velvet Revolution, The Third Day and Without Warning.

Anil Goutam – Edward

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Edward is Jay’s grandfather. You might recognise Anil Goutam, who plays him, from EastEnders, the Star Wars spinoff series Andor, Silent Witness and The Bisexual.

Marion Bailey – Elizabeth

Cast of Obsession on Netflix

via Netflix

Marion Bailey plays Anna’s mother, Elizabeth. Marion is a huge name, best known for her work with her partner, filmmaker Mike Leigh. She also played the Queen Mother in seasons three and four of Netflix’s The Crown. Marion’s been in TV for decades, and has credits in shows such as Inspector Morse, Poirot and A Touch Of Frost.

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