MAFS Australia’s Josh White says he just ‘got on with life’ after leaving the experiment

‘There’s a quiet understanding about what we all went through’, he tells The Tab

The Married at First Sight Australia experiment is no easy task, especially if you get married to someone who is the polar opposite to you. This isn’t a niche experience for cast members on the show as for a lot of them, they leave the experiment early after failing to establish a connection with their partner.

For MAFS Australia 2023 cast member Josh White, his pairing with Melissa Sheppard ended in tears and a departure during one of the commitment ceremonies.

A lot of viewers sympathised with Josh after he continuously asked to leave the experiment in tears despite Melissa always wanting to stay.

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Eventually the experts allowed Josh to leave the experiment. “Josh, we can see clearly that you’re pretty broken right now”, expert John Aiken said. “I’ve never seen a relationship like this before in the experiment.”

Now out of the experiment and back to his day-to-day life, Josh spoke with The Tab about what it’s been like since leaving the show.

“Life hasn’t changed much since the show finished,” Josh told The Tab from his home in Australia. “I went back to work and got on with life.”

Despite being on one of the biggest TV shows in Australia, Josh said he doesn’t get recognised all that much. “I think because I wasn’t on the show for that long and I also changed how I looked to maintain privacy when with my children and distance myself from the events I went through.”

Josh and Melissa went through a tough time on the show, with Josh telling his TV wife: “I want to be liked for me and not because I have a penis.”

Due to his short stint on the show, Josh says his lifestyle hasn’t changed. “I still go to the same places and do the same things,” he told The Tab, continuing: “I’ve only been recognised twice at my gym.”

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Josh is still in touch with most of the MAFS Australia 2023 cast and spends a lot of time with them “because there’s a quiet understanding about what we all went through and experienced”.

Josh has been seen spending a lot of time with fellow cast members Jesse Burford and Janelle Han. In a sweet photo dump on Janelle’s Instagram, shared a video of her and Josh playing on a game console, proving their friendship to be well and good.

The only cast members he hasn’t stayed in touch with since the show are Melissa, in which he explains as not only because of what happened on the show but also because of “how she behaved in the press afterwards”.

Josh has recently called out his former TV wife for comments she made about his divorce with his ex-wife. During an interview, Melissa claimed Josh was going through a “messy divorce” with his ex-wife while they were on the experiment together, which Josh vehemently denies.

He told Daily Mail Australia he “never” spoke about his ex-wife on the show. “It wasn’t a messy divorce, but even if it was, I think it’s pretty despicable for someone that has nothing to do with my relationship with my ex-wife to comment on that the way she did,” Josh said.

Josh also told The Tab he wasn’t very much in touch with Lyndall, Bronte, Sandy and Claire, because they were a “tight group” on the show and his friendship with Lyndall went “sideways” earlier this year.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t be friends in the future, just at the moment that’s where things stand,” he said.

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