Apprentice 2023 final memes

These 24 memes from The Apprentice final are so good they deserve the 250k investment


Thank the lords, guys – The Apprentice 2023 is finally over, and honestly I mean it when I say this that these memes from the final are better than this entire series was. After the dizzy heights of 2022, ‘Prenny ’23 couldn’t even come close – so much so that when the PR team emailed me a spoiler of who won the show yesterday morning I barely even blinked because I truly cared not. The final was the usual cocktail of chaos and cringe with a dash of forced praise, and here are the best memes from The Apprentice final 2023 for you to reflect on a pretty wasted 12 weeks of our lives. Congrats Marnie, enjoy.

1. Vicky G kinda gobbled him up here

2. Diverse, clear, class, femenin

3. I’m crying into my Cornflakes over this cba

4. Why do they treat him like Peter Kay when they’ve already lost?

5. They are put through yearly grief

6. Set us free!

7. He’s so fit and for WHAT

8. She was on one all episode

9. Four Aperols please barkeep!

10. This video will haunt her forever – I hope they play it on loop at her gym on big screens

11. Literally who’s arsed?

12. Laughing

13. They’re Kamalaing all around that boardroom

14. RuPaul and Kamala possess them 

15. Flamingos and a blimp hahaha

16. Not Habbo Hotel omg

17. Get the cannon man back!

18. She gets it

19. It was a jumpscare

20. Quite camp from Ar Roch

21. They could never be this

22. Our king

23. HAHA

24. LMAO


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