Pearl Davis

Meet Pearl Davis: The anti-feminist influencer raising a new generation of misogynists online

Andrew Tate’s fans absolutely love her

When Andrew Tate was banged up inside a Romanian jail, another problematic anti-feminist influencer took his place on the internet. And, shockingly, his successor is a woman.

Pearl Davis’ YouTube channel grew from 800,000 to 1.3 million in the first three months Andrew Tate was in jail. Clips from her channel regularly go viral on TikTok, where (like Tate) her account has been banned several times. So, in case you’ve seen her on your For You Page and are wondering what in the women-hating content is going on, here’s everything you need to know:

Her series The Pregame has got really pick-me energy

On her YouTube channel, Pearl hosts a live show called The Pregame, where she criticises feminism and continues Andrew Tate’s legacy by praising all of his various opinions. Essentially, she markets herself as a rare variety of woman, who understands men and all of the things they want, which are unacceptable in a supposedly ‘woke’ society. Obviously, Andrew Tate was a guest on the show before he got arrested for trafficking.

Pearl davis

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She claims she’s not a misogynist

Davis explicitly told Insider that she doesn’t “hate women” but her opinions would say otherwise. Some of her most controversial beliefs include: men should be able to hit women back, women have it “easier” in society, women don’t deserve to be with a well-paid man if they’re obese, it’s a woman’s fault if a man cheats on her and women are entirely responsible for unwanted pregnancies.

In one video, with over 3.2 million hits, she said: “A lot of you are shitty wives. You don’t cook for your man, you belittle him, you nag on him all the time. You don’t treat him like a man.”

Despite getting banned from TikTok she goes viral ALL the time

Sadly, Pearl’s high viewer figures aren’t a fluke. Like Tate, the more controversial her opinions, the more attention she gets. Her hashtag, #justpearlythings, has over 300 million views on TikTok and clips from her live show regularly go viral with endless comments and a concerning amount of reshares.

Pearl davis

Credit: Instagram

Her mum was on the board of directors for UN Women

In the same way Liz Truss’ parents were passionate Labour supporters, Pearl’s family’s views couldn’t be further from her own. She grew up in a 10-bedroom house in Chicago with nine siblings, her dad Dan and her mum Jennifer, who was on the board of directors for UN Women USA to support gender equality. Ironic.

She got internet famous on TikTok because of a breakup quiz

Pearl hasn’t always been spouting backwards views for clicks. When she first started her TikTok account, she got attention for a series she started called Breakup Quiz where she helped people figure out why they’d been dumped. When she moved to London from the US, she started doing interviews on the street, asking people questions about whether women’s body counts are important or if sleeping with a lot of people is worse if they’re a woman or a man. And the videos got worse from there.

Pearl davis

Credit: Instagram

She could be more dangerous than Andrew Tate

Pearl already has almost double the number of subscribers (1.36 million) on YouTube than Andrew Tate had when he was banned from the site. As a woman, she stands in a position to encourage other women to internalise misogyny. She says women have to cook, clean, stay thin and smile so they don’t get cheated on. If they get pregnant, it’s their fault.

For men, she’s a mouthpiece that validates the views Andrew Tate championed. He might be behind bars, but his influence is very much still thriving online across Pearl’s accounts.

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