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Jeffree Star claims to be team Selena Gomez after dragging Hailey Bieber’s skincare range

‘In this house we are team Selena and we are not bullying anyone’

Jeffree Star has stuck his oar into the Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber feud by dragging Hailey’s skincare brand in savage TikTok video.

Over the last couple of weeks Hailey Bieber has been the target of online trolling from diehard Selena fans. The fans claim Hailey mocked Selena in a series of TikTok videos and now Jeffree Star has waded in and made things very clear as to where his loyalties lie.

In a TikTok video the 37-year-old beauty guru reviewed Hailey Bieber’s skincare range, Rhode Skin, for his 4.7million followers. Now anyone who knows Jeffree Star or who has followed him over the years will be aware his reviews are scathing at the best of times and are essentially always blunt.


Trying out #rhodeskin by the bully & mean girl @haileybieber 🥱 #skincare #jeffreestar #selenagomez

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Jeffree’s review started off with his thoughts on the packaging. He said: “Okay, so the packaging is so boring. And then I open it up and girl, she literally looks like she wants to die. Like focus, oh my god that face is like, ‘Why did I do this? Why did I create a skincare brand.'”

He also made reference to Hailey being a nepotism baby, he said: “So when you’re privileged and you’re using daddy’s money and you’ve never worked a day in your life, I guess this is what we’re doing.” He then skipped the part where assessed the range and instead admitted he was throwing it into the nearest bin.

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Jeffree said: “In this house we are team Selena and we are not bullying anyone. So we’re going to skip today’s review. Oh wait, she doesn’t even deserve a pink trash can – and just like Shawn Mendes we said bye.”

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