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Explained: What is the worm moon from TikTok and how did it get its name?

Get scrubbing that rose quartz

The 2023 full worm moon has arrived and it is all people can talk about right now on TikTok. Recently, TikTok users were going feral over the moon phase soulmate trend.

Here’s everything you need to know about the worm moon trend including how it got its name and why people are manifesting during it.

What is a full worm moon and what does it mean?

The worm moon’s name comes from…earthworms. Yes, the worm moon is called “worm moon” because it’s the time of year when earthworms come out of the soil and temperatures start to rise. The worms attract birds as the cold winter comes to an end.

The full worm moon is the final full moon of the 2023 winter equinox which marks the end of winter and gives us a hint of Spring. It’s basically one season ending and transitioning into another.

Is it good to manifest during the full worm moon?

Yes! This period is apparently good to get rid of things which no longer add value to your life, whether that means decluttering your wardrobe or trying to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. The worm moon is in Pisces season which also represents the end of a long course and start of something new in life.

So get washing those crystals!!

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