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Left, right, left, right might be TikTok’s hardest dance and these TikToks prove it

It kind of sounds like RuPaul singing as well

Over the years, TikTok has been the home to multiple different viral dance challenges and the most recent one is the left, right, left right dance challenge. It’s a fast dance where you need to be agile and keep up with the pace of your legs. The challenge is accompanied by a viral song as well – here’s everything we know about the left right challenge on TikTok.


My sister very discretely judging me #leftright

♬ Follow The Leader – Rumba Del Sol

What is the song in the left right challenge on TikTok?

The song featured in the TikTok videos belongs to The Soca Boys and it’s called Follow The Leader. It’s an old classic of Latin-American music and was first released in 1998.

The song has been used loads since its release in tutorials on teaching people how to dance. However recently it was changed on TikTok to turn into a challenge showing people moving their legs really quickly.

Essentially all you do is jump in the air in time with the music and when the voice says left you turn your body slightly left and kick both legs out. One leg must be going forwards and the other one going back. It sounds easy but it’s genuinely hard and a lot of people are struggling. Here are a few of the best attempts.


I saw this and thought yea that looks fun! Why am I now SWEATING 😅😂😅 #challenge #leftrightchallenge

♬ Follow The Leader – Rumba Del Sol


Jay getting into it has me on the floor lool (ps I know Rosa looks feral mind yo business) #hollinsporterfamily #leftrightchallenge

♬ Follow The Leader – Rumba Del Sol

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