It’s official, these are the UK schools that get the most Russell Group uni offers

Shock, they’re not all private schools

The UK schools and sixth form colleges that get the most offers from Russell Group universities has been revealed – and shock, they’re not all private schools.

How many offers Russell Group universities gave to students from different schools in 2021 has been revealed (by The Telegraph, naturally). Russell Group unis were asked for the top 20 schools and colleges they gave undergrad offers to, and then schools were ranked based on how many times they appeared in the lists of the top 20 schools for each uni.

The school that featured the most was Hills Road Sixth Form College, which was on a whopping 15 of the 24 Russell Group uni’s lists of the schools they gave the most offers to. Out of 2,899 applications from the school’s students to Russell Group unis, 1,909 of these resulted in offers. The school isn’t private, but it does describe itself as “renowned”.

The next school with the most Russell Group uni offers – featuring on the top lists of 12 of the Russell Group and getting 1,366 offers from these unis – was Peter Symonds College. This is also a state school, however it does have the option of boarding if you have an extra £17,220 per year lying around.

After this was Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College, which had 1,447 Russell Group offers and featured on 11 of the unis’ lists of schools they gave the most offers to.

Four schools were in eight of the Russell Group uni’s top schools – Greenhead College (1.352 offers), Runshaw College (1,267), Brampton Manor (686), and Woodhouse College (938 offers). Brampton Manor is the school that always goes viral on A-Level results day because its students get a load of As and A*s, with 85 of them getting into Oxbridge last year.

These are the top 10 schools that the most Russell Group unis gave offers to:

1. Hills Road Sixth Form College

2. Peter Symonds College

3. Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College

4. Greenhead College, Huddersfield

5. Runshaw College

6. Brampton Manor Academy

7. Woodhouse College

8. Loreto College, Manchester

9. London Academy of Excellence

10. Sir John Deanes College

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