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Omg guys, season four of YOU drops on Netflix TOMORROW!


It feels like we have waited for Joe’s arrival in London for our entire silly lives. But, the wait is finally over and the release date for season four of YOU on Netflix is upon us.

It’s time for Joe Goldberg to have us in a chokehold again just before Valentine’s Day. Plus this time we have a bunch of London elites who have joined as new characters and I already know they’re going to be the evil and sexy kind of posh.

So get ready because season four of YOU is here. 10 brand new episodes are coming in two parts and they’re apparently going to feel different to all the other episodes as there’s been a shift in the genre. Right, let’s get into it.

Joe Goldberg is under a new identity and in a new city

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Joe Goldberg now goes by Professor John Moore and is trying to blend into the world of academia, but obviously with Joe being Joe, it’s not going to be easy.

YOU season three had a dramatic finale, with Joe losing two toes and killing Love after abandoning his only son – it was a mess even by his standards. The last we saw of Joe, he was going by “Nick” and just touched down in Paris in search of Marienne. We know the majority of YOU season four takes place in London but a brief part of the show is set in France.

Joe’s new persona, Professor John Moore has his work cut out for him trying to keep up with the elites. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Joe Goldberg actor Penn Badgley said: “The tone is similar but it’s shifting in that there is a different format. We’re using a different format. It’s almost like we’re shifting the genre slightly. And I think it works.” The shift in genre takes the audience into murder mystery territory as Joe is the one being watched this time around. He is being hounded by an “Eat the Rich killer” who is wiping out London’s elite one by one. Oh and just to confirm, the killer is totally aware of Joe’s real identity too.

There are already theories about who the killer could be

The trailer for YOU season four saw Joe getting some creepy text messages. They say things like “Hello, Joe” and “no do I have your attention?”. YOU fans are so excited and have already come up with a bunch of theories about who it could be stalking Joe. So far we have Love, yes people think she isn’t actually dead. There’s also Ellie, the younger sister of Delilah who Joe killed. Matthew who was Theo’s dad in season three and had a hunch against Joe since day one. Theo is another option of course! He was so in love with Love. Oh and people think Marienne, who would be the obvious choice right?

There has been 16 new cast members added into the show

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Charlotte Ritchie is cast as Kate, the new female lead alongside Joe in season four of YOU. She’s smart, independent, suspicious and misses nothing. She’s also very loyal to her friends. Her best friend is Lady Phoebe, played by Tilly Keeper. She’s sweet and kind but also very rich, famous and verrrrry chaotic. You can find the 14 remaining new cast members for YOU season four here.

YOU season four release date for part one and two:

Yep, that’s right. YOU season four is dropping in two instalments. With the first five episodes being released tomorrow and then the second part with the remaining five episodes dropping 9th March 2023. Meaning we will have Joe’s creepy behaviour living rent free in our minds for ages.

Watch the trailer for YOU season four part one here

Season four of YOU will be available on Netflix from February 9th, with part two dropping on March 9th. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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