This is how old the cast of Lockwood & Co on Netflix are and their real life ages

You’ll never guess how old the cast of Lockwood & Co actually are in real life

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The most supernatural threat I’ve ever encountered was someone in my flat mysteriously continuously changing the correct position of the toilet roll, and it horrifies me every time. In Lockwood & Co however, three teenage ghost hunters have to battle actual deadly spirits, and no not tequila, all whilst battling with the standard struggle of being a teenager. But what are the ages of the actual cast in real life, and most importantly how old is Tom Holland’s younger brother who’s in Lockwood & Co?

This is the cast of Lockwood & Co on Netflix and their real life ages:

Ruby Stokes – Lucy Carlyle

Age in real life: 22

Via Netflix

After being rejected by her family, losing her only friend and getting blamed for a deadly work accident, Lucy is at her lowest point when she arrives at Lockwood & Co. But she has a unique gift as she can “listen” to ghosts, a very helpful skill if you’re a ghost hunter!

Ruby Stokes is best known for playing Francesca in Bridgerton. She was also featured in the films A Banquet, Rocks and Una. She is set to star in the upcoming drama The Burning Girls based on the novel of the same name.

Cameron Chapman – Anthony Lockwood

Age in real life: 20

Via Netflix

Haunted by his parents’ death, Lockwood is a prodigious teen with plenty to prove and the ego to back it up. He’s the leader of the group, and there might be a little something between him and Lucy! Lockwood & Co is Cameron’s first television debut.

Ali Hadji-Heshmati – George Karim

Age in real life: 23

Via Netflix

A brilliant researcher but a bit of a character, Ali plays George, an outsider even among friends in the agency. George makes up the third in the trio of Lockwood & Co. Ali Hadji-Heshmati is currently studying at the University of Oxford alongside acting and has starred in Holby City and Bad Education.

Ivanno Jeremiah – Inspector Barnes

Age in real life: 34

Via Netflix

Ivanno plays Inspector Barnes, who works for the Department of Psychical Research and Control overseeing London’s ghost-hunting agencies to ensure they’re following the rules. He has previously appeared in the Black Mirror episode Shut Up and Dance, as well as Humans, and starred alongside Lena Headey from Game of Thrones in The Flood.

Morven Christie – Penelope Fittes

Age in real life: 41

Via Netflix

Morven plays the role of Penelope Fittes, who is the chairman of the Fittes Agency (the most well-respected paranormal investigation agency in London and George’s former workplace) and the granddaughter of its founder. Morven is the oldest member of the cast but honestly, I can only hope I look as good at 41 as she does. She has starred in TV shows such as The A Word, Grantchester and The Bay.

Rhianna Dorris – Kat Godwin

Age in real life: 20

This is how old the cast of Lockwood & Co on Netflix are and their real life ages

Via Netflix

Rhianna plays Kat Godwin, who works alongside Quill as an agent and rival of Lockwood & Co. Just like Lucy she also has the talent to be able to listen to the ghosts. This is one of Rhianna’s biggest roles, but she has previously appeared in Stage School and The Kid Who Would be King.

Jack Bandeira – Quill Kipps 

Age in real life: 28

Via Netflix

Fittes Agency supervisor Quill Kipps and his team are Lockwood & Co.’s biggest rivals. A talented fencer and ghost hunter, Kipps is cunning and competitive, definitely a character to keep an eye on. Jack has starred alongside Harry Styles in My Policeman, as well as appearing in Bad Education and Happy Valley.

Paddy Holland – Bobby Vernon

Age in real life: 18

This is how old the cast of Lockwood & Co on Netflix are and their real life ages

Via Netflix

Yes, that surname is no coincidence Paddy Holland is THE Tom Hollands’ little brother! In Lockwood & Co he plays the role Bobby, who is a researcher for Quill and Kat. The only previous role he had was in Holmes and Watson.

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