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Meet Tom Leeb: The hot doctor from Netflix’s Women at War who represented France in Eurovision

He’s a man of many talents

Money Heist, Lupin, Squid Games, more and more international shows are racing up Netflix’s top ten chart. And the latest show to have everybody hooked is the historical French drama Women At War. Unlike most combat classics like Saving Private Ryan, Dunkirk or the recently Oscar-nominated All Quiet on the Western Front, Women At War heads back to World War I to show the years of chaos and struggle through the perspectives of a nun called Agnes, a feminist nurse called Suzanne, a sex worker called Marguerite and a factory worker called Caroline.

It’s high drama with endless twists, which weave between the four women’s lives without things getting too Love Actually on us. That being said, the producers have cast some seriously attractive side characters and it seems like everybody is already crushing on the actor Tom Leeb, who plays the army doctor Joseph Duvernet. So, in case you’re wondering just who Tom Leeb is, where his massive success has suddenly sprung from, and if his character will fall for Suzanne, here’s everything we know so far:

He’s a bit of a nepo baby

As is often the way, Tom Leeb’s Parisian family are heavily involved in the showbiz world. His dad, Michel Leeb, is a well-known French actor and comedian. His older sister, Fanny, is a singer who competed on The Voice France in 2013 and subsequently released loads of albums. And his mum, Béatrice Malicet, is a journalist, writer, and producer. Connections!

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He was a big child actor

Tom started his acting career early. In 2003, he appeared in the French stage show Madame Doubtfire, which eventually became the Robin Williams Hollywood film everyone knows: Mrs. Doubtfire. Things then came full circle when Tom was 15 and starred as the title character’s son in a French adaptation of the 1993 film. Meanwhile, his dad Michel took on the lead role. Cute.

Women at war cast tom leeb

He studied in New York for five years

When he was 18, Tom moved to New York and studied acting, film, dance and music for half a decade. Apparently, this is where he first got into music and started playing guitar and learning more about American Blues. Now, he regularly releases music alongside his acting career and has thousands of fans on Spotify who listen to his stuff.

Women at War cast

He was in the French adaptation of Dr Foster

Before Women at War, Tom starred in loads of successful French shows, including a soap called Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez. But, most notably for UK audiences, he has also starred in the second season of the French adaptation of Doctor Foster called Unfaithful. So, drama is definitely his thing.

Women at War cast tom leeb

He was meant to represent France in Eurovision

In a cross over we didn’t see coming, Tom was actually also scheduled to represent France in the 2020 Eurovision song contest with his track The Best In Me. But, annoyingly for Tom, coronavirus struck and cancelled that year’s competition so he never got to perform and have his Måneskin-esque moment. But, thanks to Women at War, it looks like he’s about to reach international levels of fame anyway. 

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