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These are all the theories why the Love Island boys were fighting after just 72 hours in the villa

Shaq and Harris’ beef suddenly makes sense now

Let’s not lie, Love Island 2023 has been a little yawn-inducing so far. No tears, no drama, just a load of strangers hanging around the pool at an all inclusive vibes. But last night, Shaq revealed himself to be the season’s king of chaos  when he popped off at Haris for telling him to “fuck off”, which was, obv, fair.

Essentially, Shaq likes Tanya, Tanya kissed David in a game of beer pong, Haris attempted to stir the pot by asking David what the kiss was like in front of Shaq, Shaq called Haris a “shit stirrer” (accurate) and it all escalated from there. But things seemed to escalate from zero to one hundred so fast that we were all left with whiplash from swivelling our eyes towards the TV.

“The fight was so random. I NEED MORE,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “I’m gonna need someone to sit me down and explain how the fight started because I’m still lost,” added another, while a third said:  “I don’t even know why that fight happened but I’m on Shaq’s side.”

So seemingly random was the sudden spat that conspiracy theories have begun to emerge about how the fight could have possibly erupted between the boys after just 72 hours in the villa. One guess is that the beer pong glasses were actually filled with booze rather than water, meaning Islanders had more alcohol than their standard single glass of Prosecco per night.

But other fans think the drama is down to the return of an all too familiar Love Island curse: the yellow bean bag. Yup, you might remember that last season the piece of furniture was involved in almost every big fall out going: Gemma calling Ekin-Su calculated, Josh splitting up with Danica, Davide calling Ekin “fake as Louis Vuitton from China” all happened after someone settled on the canary coloured cushion.

And who was responsible for awakening the curse that made Shaq and Haris decide they were squaring up for the first fight of the 2023 season? None other than the object of Shaq’s intense affections: Tanya.

Watching from afar with her Prosecco in-hand, Tanya was breezily unbothered by what her numerous love interested were yelling about. “There’s nothing we can do. They’re boys,” she pointed out as she reclined on the very beanbag causing all the chaos. Slay x

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