All the evidence the yellow bean bag in Love Island is cursed and causes loads of drama

Everything makes sense now

The Love Island cast are convinced there is a curse on the villa causing all the drama and it’s… the yellow bean bag.

Rather than Casa Amor, licking tits or three-way kisses outside of your couple, the Islanders are convinced if you sit on the yellow bean bag, you become its latest victim and are involved in big villa drama.

In Saturday night’s Love Island Unseen Bits, Gemma said she was “scared of the yellow bean bag” as she actively avoided sitting on it. Davide’s outburst last week when he described Ekin-Su as a “fucking actress” and “fake as the Louis Vuitton from China” was blamed on having sat on the furniture earlier that day.

Despite Tasha, Gemma and Ekin-Su attempting to lift the curse of the bean bag, they were all caught up in separate drama last night following the movie night premiere. Here’s a deep dive into all the evidence to expose this conspiracy and prove the yellow bean bag is well and truly is cursed.

The curse began all the way back in week three

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Cast your minds back almost a month and to the start of week three. In what first appeared to be a civilised conversation, Ekin-Su wanted to quash fears the other girls didn’t like her. However within 20 seconds of sitting on the ill-fated yellow bean bag, Amber announces she thinks she’s been “playing a bit of a game”. The other girls join in with Gemma telling her: “I think you’re calculated and you know what you’re doing”.

Look how many other bean bags she could have chosen to sit on as well.

Josh ended things with Danica and got dumped in the space of days

love island bean bag

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Josh was warned by Paige not to sit on the bean bag. She asked him if he “was going to take the risk” to which he confidently replied he would “break the curse”.

Clearly the curse had the upper hand and Josh’s fate was sealed. He ended up splitting with Danica and days later was kicked out of the villa. Meanwhile Paige is sitting pretty, loved up with her new man.

Davide and Ekin-Su had an explosive argument for the first time in weeks

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Davide and Ekin-Su have been going from strength to strength in recent weeks until he suddenly began to question whether he could trust her. There appeared to be no immediate source for where the doubts had come from until you find out earlier that morning he said: “I don’t give a shit about nothing” and casually sat on the yellow bean bag.

Later that night, he stormed off from a conversation around the firepit saying: “Ekin-Su, I’m tired of being with you. Now you want to do the show again.”

For good measure he added: “Fucking actress, fake as the Louis Vuitton from China.”

Ekin-Su is a firm believer in the curse. She forgave him and accepted his excuse that he had sat on the yellow bean bag as the cause of the argument.

The girls attempted to defeat the curse and are now all involved in drama

love island bean bag

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In an attempt to break the curse, Tasha, Gemma and Ekin-Su all sat on the bean bag. Clearly they shouldn’t have meddled with something so powerful. In tonight’s episode, Tasha is set to be in the middle of villa drama as the other Islanders question how genuine her feelings are for Andrew. Meanwhile Gemma is in the depths of some completely unwarranted argument for her non-flirting with Billy and Ekin-Su continues to bicker with Davide over what did or didn’t happen with George in Casa Amor.

Is this the bean bag seeking vengeance for their attempts to meddle with its powers?

Queen of drama, Ekin-Su, does squats with the thing

love island bean bag

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This has to be the most conclusive evidence the bean bag is cursed. Ekin-Su does squats with the yellow bean bag when no one is looking. The drama she’s caused this series alone has given us all the most memorable moments and talking points and she secretly loves the bean bag. Case closed.

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