M3GAN memes

M3GAN is already the most iconic film of 2023 and these 21 chaotic memes prove it

I can’t get over her spontaneously singing Titanium by Sia

You know when a film goes a bit viral before its release, and subsequently gets a preposterous level of hype behind it? That’s what started happening with M3GAN last year – once that first trailer dropped and the gays online saw the campy killer robot doll doing some murderous choreography to Taylor Swift’s It’s Nice To Have A Friend, her fate as a future gay icon was sealed. The film got acclaim early on from the previews, but until I saw it I was hesitant to get caught up in the mania because I didn’t want to be disappointed. M3GAN is FAR from disappointing – it’s the campest, funniest horror film of the year and these hilarious memes from Twitter about it prove exactly why that little robot slay machine is a newfound genre icon.

1. This but somehow even more legendary

2. Queen of playing horrible women!

3. He literally did have it coming

4. Yes that’s MY mother

5. I love dogs but that one was a wrong’un

6. Like PLEASE who did Gemma get in to record all these voices hahaha

7. Why did she sing it hahaha

8. It’s almost time for M3g to serve x

9. Unasseptable!

10. You shoot me down …

11. Sorry this is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen

12. I just know Kamala would be guffawing

13. No spooks just slays

14. She gathered

15. Something major happened in the cosmos

16. I know she’s meant to be the villain but come on darlin!

17. It’s actually a fever dream that she’s voice by penny nickle dime

18. Why are they such vibes omg

19. Gagged Gemma a bit


21. Laughing so much 


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