Ex-Islanders reacted to winter Love Island 2023

‘I’d step forward for Maya’: Ex-Islanders react to the first winter Love Island 2023 episode

‘How are you going to sit on the yellow bean bag on your first day?’

Winter Love Island made its return to our screens last night and it was a moment like no other. From man stealing to wandering eyes, a lot went down in the first episode, something that doesn’t usually happen. Maya Jama made her Love Island debut and absolutely smashed it out of the park and fans could not stop talking about it. With Kai already taking a direct flight to Destiny’s Chaldish to join his predecessors, a lot of the former Love Island contestants have had their say on the newest Islanders. From Tasha to Dami, here’s how all the ex-Islanders reacted to winter Love Island 2023 cast and first episode:

Tasha Ghouri

Tasha was on Love Island 2022 and left the villa with Andrew, and they have been goals ever since. Tasha was with Andrew and Dami watching the first episode of winter Love Island 2023 and was giving a full-on commentary on her Twitter. Tasha said what we were all thinking when it came to the couples and made it know she was a big fan of Ron and Lana. In a tweet, she said: “Okay Lana and Ron… I love them already.” Same bestie.

Dami Hope

Dami was arguably the most hilarious former Islander on Twitter last night for his non-stop commentary during the show. If you were an avid fan of Love Island last summer then you will remember the yellow bean bag fiasco. A lot of the Islanders shared the same sentiment about the Islanders sitting on the yellow bean bag on day one. In a tweet, Dami said: “How are you going to sit on the yellow bean bag on your first day? Come on bro.” He’s right, have they learned nothing?

Everyone was feeling especially sorry for farmer Will when no one wanted to couple up with him in the first recoupling, giving him a Hugo Hammond edge to him. It also didn’t help that Will had absolutely zero chat, but only time will tell if he can redeem himself.

It was almost as if it was summer 2021 with Dami and Ikenna’s Twitter accounts going back and forth joking with each other. When Shaq mentioned liking someone with a nice bum, Dami tweeted: “Bunda has scrabbled Shaq’s mind, living the dream Ikenna wanted.”

Ikenna Ekwonna

Ikenna was really speaking his mind during the first Love Island episode and to be honest, he was just saying what we were all thinking. When Maya Jama entered the villa as the show’s new host, she had everyone in a trance. Ikenna, who didn’t have much luck during his season of Love Island said: “Who’s going to stop me if I step forward for Maya?”

Zara McDermott

Zara McDermott shared a number of posts to her Instagram story and she shared with fans how many similarities there were between her ex-boyfriend Adam Collard and contestant Kai. In one post, Zara shared a photo of Kai and said: “Is this Adam Collard reincarnated?!”

Ex-Islanders reacted to winter Love Island 2023

via Instagram @zara_mcdermott

Liam Reardon

Love Island 2021 winner Liam Reardon, offered his support to the current winter Islanders with a wholesome message on his Instagram story. In a post, Liam said: “These Islanders are about to have the best summer of their lives. That villa looks sick too. not better feeling than being in that villa with all wicked people around you. Unbelievable memories.”

Ex-Islanders reacted to winter Love Island 2023

via Instagram @liamreardon1

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