Love Island’s Faye Winter says she was called a ‘sarcastic b**ch’ while walking her dog

Olivia Attwood experienced something similar last month

Love Island star Faye Winter shared with her fans that she was called a “sarcastic b**ch” while walking her dog. Faye rose to fame after starring on the 2021 series of Love Island and she left the villa with Teddy Soares, who she is still in a relationship with. In a series of Instagram stories, Faye told fans she was called names by a fellow dog walker.

In a zoomed in video, Faye said she was stood behind a gate as she had to stand there “because that lady has just shouted at us,” and she then flipped the camera round and explained the altercation.

via Instagram @faye__winter

In an Instagram video, she said: “I can’t believe I just witnessed what happened, no I didn’t even witness it, I was the main character in it. So this owner is walking in front of us, I have seen she has put her dog on the lead so I put Bonnie on the lead and then there’s only one way you can go on this walk.

“So we were at the gate and she’s like 50 yards from us, quite a distance. Then we go through the gate and her dog keeps turning around looking at Bonnie and she says, ‘Can you keep your dog away from my dog?’ And I said ‘Pardon?’ and she said, ‘Can you keep your dog away from my dog – you are clearly distracting my dog.'”

via Instagram @faye__winter

Faye told the dog walker she didn’t to walk “the whole way round” and would wait at the gate for her to get ahead of her. The former Islander said the dog walker had gotten irate with after she’d suggested to wait at the gate. “She then began to call me a sarcastic ‘b word’ and I was thinking ‘honey’.”

The dog walker than said to Faye: “There’s no need to get funny with me – I do feel like you’re very intimidating following me.” Faye isn’t the first Islander who has been targeted while walking her dog as Olivia Attwood was called “that f***ing b**ch off the telly” last month.

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