These are the Netflix shows which lead to the most people shagging, apparently

Otherwise known as the official Netflix and chill league

It’s become quite a cringe-worthy phrase now, but when someone says to you “Netflix and chill” you know exactly what they mean. It’s about shagging. You stick on a Netflix show with someone, with no intention of actually watching it. But did you know there is actually data out there about which shows lead to the most Netflix and chill? Yes, yes there is. has actually gone to the trouble of analysing Netflix data and ranking the top shows by how likely there are to end up with people shagging. The ranking is made by using weighted metrics of IMDB rating, IMDB sexual guidance rating, the amount of sex scenes, how much people complain about sex and nudity, runtime and age rating. Each show is then given a “chill rating”.

I don’t know how much you want to take this “research” at face value, but it’s out there and it claims to be completely scientific. Here is the official Netflix and chill shows ranking. Yes, this is real life.

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Yes, Shameless is the highest on the chill score, with the highest percentage of complaints on IMDB for nudity and an 18 age rating. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Shameless has a chill rating of 3.46, shortly followed by Sense8 on 3.41, Orange Is The New Black on 3.37, Sex Education on 3.35 and Easy on 3.28. 30th position goes to American Pie the Book of Love, with a chill rating of 2.04.

Some less surprising additions include: Sex Education, the Fifty Shades films, No Strings Attached, Friends With Benefits and the American Pie films.

Onlinecasinos has analysed Netflix shows under the genre “steamy” and conducted desk research into the most common shows to watch for sex scenes. Once the data was collected Onlinecasinos analysed the length of the show, the age rating, IMDB rating and IMDB parental advice for sex and nudity. To calculate the chill score, it first normalised the data categories individually from zero to one and then summed the results.

Sounds… accurate?

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