This model has raised over $700,000 for the Australian bushfires by selling nudes

A taste of 2020 – climate change and uncontrollable online thirst

A model has raised over $700,000 for the Australian bushfires by selling nudes on instagram

Kaylen Ward, also known as the Naked Philanthropist, will send them if she gets proof that a person has donated at least $10 to help with efforts to relieve the effects of the fires sweeping Australia.

LA-based Kaylen started the scheme on Sunday after becoming frustrated that the fires weren’t dominating conversation enough. “It really bothered me that it was such a huge disaster happening, yet there was so little media coverage about it”, Kaylen told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Fuelled by record heat and extended drought, the Australian bushfires have claimed the lives of at least 24 people and an estimated half a billion animals.

Whilst the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has been criticised for his response to the crisis, he can hardly have expected to be upstaged by somebody selling nudes on Instagram. Yet here we are.

Punters can choose from a vast list of fundraisers, including the Red Cross, Koalas in Care, and a few different fire brigades.

One person sent $5,000 for 50 photos, and overall Kaylen estimates she’s raised $700,000 USD, or about £540,000 in English money.

As always happens with minor Internet fame, or someone trying to do a good thing, the saga hasn’t been without problems. Kaylen’s called out people leaking nudes and harassing her. Instagram even deactivated Kaylen’s original account, but that hasn’t stopped her.

In fact, she’s going further, saying “I’ve actually decided to start a non profit organization based on this tweet that will be raising money for charities like this in the future, especially in a crisis.”

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