This Leeds student is making hundreds from sneezing on YouTube

She got offered £300 to sneeze in someone’s face

Weird side hustles are nothing new in the gig economy, but even so, Snotty Bitch has got something you've probably not come across before.

Snotty Bitch is Abi Haywood, a fine art foundation student at Leeds Arts Uni who makes her money sneezing for fetishists online.

Now, this sounds incredibly weird, but Abi is making it work. Whilst filling out a tax form, Abi realised she'd made over £600 from the videos – more than her actual job, and enough to get her through from January to March.

Anonymous snot and sneeze fanatics pay her up to £100 for custom vids, via her " address". With a base rate of £15, she's essentially monetised hayfever.

Abi can get 11 sneezes out in five minutes, and once sneezed 37 times in three hours. All on camera.

And her YouTube channel is WILD. It's all videos of her about to sneeze, sneezing, and then covered in snot, all with a tagline of "hot and snotty all over my tits. ooooooooh baby here comes another".

In one video, Abi/Snotty Bitch is sniffing chhinkni, a sneezing powder

It's thirty seconds of suspense.

But usually she tickles her nose with a plastic clothing tag

Abi's weirdest requests including a tenner for five minutes of nose picking. A stranger also offered her £300 for an half hour in-person session. "I would have to sneeze on his face and give him a handjob," she told The Tab. "I didn't do this."

Now for: Loud messy Sneezes on my Cleavage (preview)

Could be a Kanye lyric, but it's not.

After uploading a video of her sneezing for an art project, Abi got thousands of views and more than a few horny requests. From there she realised there was money in sneezing.

And the…nose dildo…???

Abi made the nose dildo out of sex toy material, and uses it to make herself sneeze. As an aside, the colour palette in this video is on point.

She's gutted she doesn't actually have hayfever

Just think of the riches Abi could be enjoying at this time of year if she was a hayfever sufferer. "I wish I was actually snotty but I'm not."

Instead, as she's "photo allergenic" she can simply look at bright lights and sneeze.

The DMs she gets are rancid, but equally hilarious

Abi sent over a collection of the weirdest messages she's got. Now you have to read them too.

Image may contain: Letter, License, Document, Driving License, Word, Text

The 72-inch tv is a weird flex here.

Image may contain: Text Message, Text

"Amazing to hear"

Image may contain: Home Decor, Word, Label, Text

Something quite unsettling about the emoji choice here.

This is the worst paragraph I've ever had to type out

Abi's magnum opus was a sneeze vid in a uni toilet, which came after receiving this request. Buckle up.

It read: "I find there is something strangely satisfying about sneezing in a public bathroom. No idea why haha. I guess the echo, privacy and clinical-ness and letting out sneezes in a place that other people use and would be unaware of.

"Would it be at all possible for you to make a video of uncovered sneezes from the privacy of a public bathroom stall? Perhaps at a store or mall. If you could just sit on the toilet (clothed obviously unless of course you are willing to pee while doing this, which would be amazing) and induce some sneezes directly out in front of you towards the stall door and point the camera that way too so our view is the same as yours, that would be absolutely fantastic. But also turn the camera around and sneeze towards it and to the side."

Abi did it in a lecture building at uni and got a £100 Urban Outfitters voucher in return.

She's also an icon, striking out against the snobby art world and excessive living costs

Abi says her art college is pretty elitist and expensive and she only met one other state school student on her foundation year. The Henry Moore Institute has pushed her to make the snot videos as an act of resistance and survival.

"They would literally never display my kind of work and now I've technically sold a work inside the biggest gallery in Leeds," she says.

"It's stupid the university expect you to manage the city without a loan. Most people live in halls without a loan so it's already a really rich demographic," she told MailOnline.

"You can only really get into those top schools if you went into private school. It's quite ridiculous they just expect you to fund it."

Income from her videos gives Abi a "safety net", and to get back at the "elitist" institution, she makes a point of filming there.

0-1800-ACHOO. My friends, the hustle must be respected.

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