These are the best banners from yesterday’s Boris Johnson protest

‘I did not consent to this BJ’

I'm sure you have all heard the news: Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister of the UK.

While this could signal a fresh start for the country and closure to Brexit (finally), not everyone is so happy about BoJo getting the job. So much so that there was a Fck Govt Fck Boris protest held yesterday afternoon on his first official day in office. Successful day for him all round then?

Over 10,000 people attended the protest, organised by Labour leftwing grassroots movement Momentum, the Women’s Strike Assembly and Guardian columnist Owen Jones, to name a few. Protesters marched from Russell Square to Trafalgar Square, with a group even going south to Downing Street, chanting “Boris Johnson, fuck off back to Eton.”

The Tab went down to check out the protest in Russell Square and we interviewed protesters about why they were they and what they though of Boris. Suffice to say, they were not happy. The resounding message protesters wanted to send to the new Prime Minister? "Fuck off Boris."

To see interviews from the event, head to The  Tab's Instagram story here.

In terms of inventive banners, this protest was definitely no different. Take at look at the some of best:

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To see the Tab's Instagram story of the event, see here.

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