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Boris Johnson has literally put his brother in charge of unis

This is fine

What with drinking a thousand tinnies in the park and saying "might be too hot" in every conversation, you might have missed something yesterday: New PM Boris Johnson has put his brother in charge of unis.

Alongside getting rid of 17 cabinet ministers and replacing them with people who have backed the death penalty and opposed gay marriage, he's made his younger brother Jo the new universities minister.

In fairness, Jo does actually have form – he was previously the universities minister from 2015 to 2018.

Jo then resigned as Transport Minister to back a second referendum, a position which might be awkward given Boris' love for Brexit.

Obviously, Boris is keen to shed the Etonian, Oxford educated look by appointing his brother, who just happened to go to Eton and Oxford.

As universities minister, Boris nearly-lookalike Jo introduced the Office for Students. He appointed Toby Young to the board, and then lost his job after everyone realised Toby Young had tweeted about how the Emmys should have an award for "Best Baps" and that "I had my dick up her arse".

This is going to go so well. I can feel it.

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