Which uni takes the most drugs?

Spoiler, it’s not Leeds



From Between the Lines: what you really need to know about drugs, a special report by The Tab.

In a result that puts Russell Group unis to shame, Liverpool John Moores and Bristol UWE share the top spot with 89 per cent of students admitting to trying drugs.

Previous narco kings Manchester, come close in second place with 88 per cent in The Tab drug survey 2016. Sussex, who just love their hallucinogens, take third place with 86 per cent and Leeds who seemingly enjoy talking about drugs more than taking them, gurn their way into fourth place with 86 per cent.

In a massive drug survey conducted by The Tab of over 10,000 students, we found that on average 79 per cent of students had taken drugs. This is an unprecedented rise as only last year, the average was just 70 per cent.

Southampton languish in the bottom spot with a meagre 63 per cent, preceded by perennial wannabes Durham with 64 per cent.

How ketty is your campus?

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