Between the Lines

Between the Lines

MDMA is going to be used to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It’s only one stage away from being approved as a prescription drug

We had a chat with Nick Clegg about why weed should be legal

‘You can’t just banish it from existence, so the logical thing is to regulate it’

We’re way too quick to dismiss drug deaths as ‘stupidity’

Saying ‘I’d never take that much’ is immature and dangerous

What combining certain drugs actually does to your body

Everything from a Jäger and Red Bull to cocaine and ketamine

‘I felt guilty all the time’: How worried are drug dealers that their supply will harm someone?

‘I had anxiety and wasn’t eating much at all, waking up really early and couldn’t get to sleep’

How women are more at risk when taking MDMA

It interacts with our body’s chemistry differently

How dangerous is laughing gas for you, really?

A look at the actual harms of what the tabloids call ‘hippy crack’

Ecstasy is getting stronger – and this is what you need to know

Pills nowadays are five times as strong as in 2009

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