Boy, bye: Trump is probably the last 50s man to run for President


A lot of people aren’t happy about Trump as the GOP nominee because he’s misogynistic, racist and just a shit person in general. But hey, let’s look on the bright side — win or lose, Trump is probably the last 1950s man to run for president.

He’s the last man from an era full of housewives, of women waiting all day for the moment their beloved, hard-working husband would be home to sit and eat a meal that had been painstakingly prepared for them. An era where women were perceived as undeniably inferior to men, and men weren’t afraid to go ahead and indulge in that notion. Trump is (we hope) the last guy to run for president with a childhood and a mentality so deeply rooted in the 1950s.

More than ever, the post-Trump era is our chance to do what we want.

We’re waving goodbye to the influence of old-fashioned white men on our lives and that’s definitely something worth celebrating. So here’s to the prospect of a better future.

Peace out, 50’s bullshit

Back in July, Bill Maher got it so right when he reflected on quintessentially 50s Trump, saying: “50’s guys, guys like Trump who actually say ‘I’m a 50s guy’ — we know what they mean. 

“[Trump] thinks an educated woman should be locked up… the 50s are just like your yearbook pictures – with every year they just get more and more embarrassing.”

The thing is that when men from the ’50s try to join the modern world it’s a complete and utter mess. This is beautifully illustrated by Trump and the men of his campaign. They’re living in a different world. One with a fully intact American Dream, one where women are bound by the needs and expectations of men.

In their head lies perhaps the most uncomfortable patriarchal sentiment of the 1950s: the presumption that women should stay at home. Trump’s Campaign Chair, Paul Manafort, gave us a glimpse of this when he claimed that Trump had women’s votes because their husbands couldn’t afford the family’s bills back in July.

These men couldn’t possibly imagine the reality of an educated woman being successful in her career because they don’t understand any kind of change beyond the 1950s societal structure. In fact, Trump even said in 1994 that letting his wife go to work was a “very dangerous thing,” explaining that he goes “through the roof” if he gets home and dinner isn’t ready on the table. But he hasn’t ever known any better, seeing as his own mom very much took on the role of the homemaker, while the men went to work.

While we are obviously livid about such comments, we are excited because the inevitable demise of The Donald means we can finally begin to rise above them.

Because Trump and his old-fashioned comrades won’t be kicking about politics foreverso yeah, they don’t understand positive change but let’s raise a glass because literally none of them will matter soon.

The chances of us hearing from another man who grew up with an apron-wearing, cookie-baking mom, consumed by housework and little else are very slim there probably won’t be another Trump. And that’s truly something to celebrate.

So let’s toast to the fact that 1950s societal expectations will no longer be diffused into the 21st century, let’s toast to girls aspiring to be whatever they want to be when they grow up and let’s toast to women not giving a fuck whether or not they’re dependent on a man.