York students launch campaign for UoY to divest from fossil fuels

Meet the group of students committed to making York a more eco-friendly place

All the things York students really should have given up for Lent

A whole forty days without Salvos, are you mad?!?!

Here’s what you can do to help your friend struggling with depression

According to a trained psychotherapist


These York students waxed their legs and ran across campus naked for charity

You wouldn’t catch me doing the ‘mankini mile’ at this time of year

If the characters in Friends went to York, which college would each of them be in?

They fit in surprisingly well with college stereotypes

York lecturers put on a day of alternative lectures in face of the strikes

The day was designed to build rapport between students and lecturers

York have won Varsity 2018!


Nisa is officially open for business on Hes East

First Greggs, now this

Why making some degrees cheaper can and will help working class students

It’s not ‘a load of bollocks’, some degrees are worth more than others, and that’s okay

Snobs in Birmingham will forever be the most tragic but best night out in the UK

Those themed nights

Halifax students have launched a petition for YUSU to give them free condoms

They have the most sex on campus and are demanding adequate protection

We spoke to the York students behind the ‘Vote RON for YUSU President’ campaign

Voting in the YUSU elections opens today and closes on Friday

Republic in Leicester is the most tragic night out in the UK

What is with the unnerving red lighting?

Mosh in Leicester is the best worst night out in the UK

Embrace the indie vibes, throw on a pair of Vans and you’ll fit right in

A Uni of York tutor allegedly called Jeremy Hunt a ‘fucking twat’ and said ‘Tories, fuck them’ in a seminar

He is currently being questioned by his department

‘I managed three weeks of term before giving up’

Diana dropped out of York after three weeks. This is her story.

There is now a society dedicated to memes at York

They will host socials and teach people how to make memes

People in York are the third most likely to get laid this Valentine’s day

But if you live in Aberdeen, I’m so sorry

We spoke to York students to find out what they really think about the lecturers’ strikes

“I hope we get refunded”

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