Former York student and family ‘perilously’ trapped in Gaza with no food or shelter

The family of Fadi Hania are said to be in a ‘desperate situation’

A York alumnus and his family are trapped in a tent in Gazan city of Rafah as his family desperately tries to get permission to cross into Egypt.

Fadi Hania and his wife are trapped their five children, Osama, 13, Yousef, 11, Omar, eight years old, Abdelrahman, four years old, and three-year-old Khadija.

Yousef was actually born in York Hospital in 2012 when his father, now a web developer and IT teacher, was studying for a Master’s degree in computing at the University of York, as reported by The York Press.

Adnan Ramzan, a family friend and a British civil servant, who got to know Fadi when both were studying in York, said the family are in a desperate situation and have been through “unimaginable hardships”.

“Their home was destroyed, and they have been struggling to find shelter, food, and safety,” he said.

“The severity of their circumstances cannot be overstated and with each passing day, their situation grows increasingly perilous.”

The family, originally from Gaza City, were displaced when Israel invaded Gaza in response to the Hamas attack on southern Israel on October 7th, in which 1,200 people were killed and 250 hostages seized.