People who say hangovers are self-inflicted are the worst

Blame it on the alcohol

York Sport Centre must be one of the worst gyms you can get

I legit found a cheese slice in the treadmill

Is it really worth having a job while at uni?

You’ve got to get the money for Kuda from somewhere

In defence of going to York St John

Just hear me out

Don’t mock young people for caring about their future

Generation 75 per cent

We asked a Senior Politics lecturer why we should vote to remain in the EU

“Think of Europe and the world. We can make it better.”

Leaving the NUS achieves nothing

We have more influence in

‘George Galloway shouldn’t be allowed on campus’

This is another example of antisemitism being shrugged over

Why York should leave the NUS

The NUS are conning students, this cannot go on

It’s OK to look mediocre at uni

Campus isn’t a catwalk, you really don’t need to make so much effort

Philosophy is the hardest degree

How are you supposed to get a good mark if the examiner doesn’t even know the correct answer?

Sixth formers, don’t go to Lancaster if you can help it

Larger, more impersonal, and more desolate than York

Everyone should own a hamster at University

Pre-drinks will never be the same again

Leicester is the best place to live right now

What a time to be alive

Football will always be better than rugby

Those who can’t play football play rugby

Post-lash is the best part of a night out

Stay awake, keep drinking and fend off the darkness of your existence

People who pretend they have their lives together at University are lying

Dressing nicely for a seminar doesn’t mean you’ve got it all sorted