York students threatened with ‘disciplinary’ action after continued ‘misuse’ of uni toilet

‘I will pursue this matter in the strongest possible way’

Students have received another email today, threatening “disciplinary” action after an “unpleasant mess” has yet again been left in a university toilet.

Despite having been sent instructions on how to use a toilet last week, it seems the culprits responsible for leaving this mess in the computer science department have struck again.

The head of the computer science department at the University of York has now warned of consequences for this “shameful behaviour” and has threatened “disciplinary” action to those involved.

Last week, students in the department were sent an email detailing repeated offences that had taken place in the accessible cubicle on the ground floor. Students were then reminded that “the only place [they] should be going to the toilet is IN the toilet provided; sinks are for washing your hands, and toilet brush holders are for holding toilet brushes.” Did someone poo in a sink???

Today, an email reportedly sent out on behalf of the head of the department, seen by The York Tab, has warned students that the perpetrator(s) have continued to misuse the facilities and should they continue they will receive the “fullest consequences for their shameful behaviour”.

If you were thinking about visiting the computer science department at The University of York, be warned that, according to an email sent out by the department today, the person (or persons) behind the “unpleasant mess” in their ground floor accessible toilet are still at large.

Clearly undeterred by the department’s last plea to go to the toilet “IN the toilet provided”, the email said that “the person or persons leaving it in a mess have continued to do so.

“This is not only uncivilised behaviour unworthy of any staff or student but it is also a disciplinary matter as it damages university property, presents a health and safety risk, and obstructs the use of the facilities by others.”

How bad does one toilet have to get to deserve not one, but two dedicated emails? What are they doing in there? I want to know but I’m not sure I should? This is my Roman Empire honestly.

The email continues warning that: “If this behaviour does not stop, [the department] will pursue this matter in the strongest possible way to ensure that the perpetrator(s) receive the fullest consequences for their shameful behaviour.”

Will this threat be enough to deter the perpetrators? How does the department plan to catch them? What are the “fullest consequences” for misusing a toilet brush holder? I still have so many questions but above all I’m sure we’re all left wondering if and when the comp sci toilet bandits will strike again.

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