A water shortage in York tonight has forced many pubs and clubs to shut

Salvos and Ziggys will be closed tonight


Many pubs and clubs in York have been forced to close tonight after a power outage at a water pumping station in York has caused parts of the city to be left without water.

Venues such as Salvos, Ziggys and The House of Trembling Madness have been forced to shut due to the lack of running water.

In a statement on Twitter, Yorkshire Water said: “A power outage in York this evening has caused no water due to an issue with a pumping station. We are en route to look into this and aim to have water restored ASAP. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

Yorkshire Water said customers anywhere in the YO postcode area may have no water or low pressure due to the outage. They aim to have water restored in four-six hours.

Homes across York, including on the University of York campus, have also been left without water or with very low water pressure. The University Campus Safety Team said: “We are aware of the water courage across campus. North Yorkshire Water are working to resolve the issue. Please ensure all taps are left in the off position.”

A text message sent from Salvos, York

Many residents of York have received a text addressed from WELFARE reading: “SAFETY CAUTION: Nightclubs and other venues may be unable to supply you with water tonight due to a fault with York water, and under the Health & Safety and Licensing Regulations this may impact their ability to legally serve alcohol and put you in danger. If any venues are serving alcohol and not providing running water, please inform York Council or the relevant health and safety authorities.”

Ziggys Night Club on Micklegate has been forced to shut due to the shortage, Regulars of Ziggys received texts reading: “We are sad to say that tonight has had to be cancelled due to citywide water issues remaining unresolved and preventing Ziggy’s from safely opening. Event ticket refunds will be provided automatically.”

A further text message read: “All tickets for tonight will provide you with free entry for our next TWO weeks.”

Salvos has also been forced to close and sent a message to attendees stating: “CLUB SALVATION IS CLOSED TONIGHT DUE TO WATER SUPPLY ISSUES”

On Twitter, popular York bar The House of Trembling Madness joked: “We have lost water in York so unless this is resolved we have no option but to close early tonight, don’t keep pooing on top of poo as we’ll have a poo blockage, hold those poos!”


Residents of York were seen bulk buying several bottles of water in supermarkets across York.

This story is ongoing and will be updated as the situation progresses. 

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