Here are the best places in York to sit an open exam

Definitely not your living room

The start of  a brand new year and Spring Term can only mean one thing: deadline season. If there’s one thing I have learnt during my time at university it’s that distractions are EVERYWHERE and finding the perfect place to study can be quite a challenge. So whether you’re a silent worker or love a studious buzz, here are some great places in York to crack on and get those grades.

Church Lane Building

Church Lane is my personal favourite just for the delicious food alone. The Link café definitely offers the best selection on campus. The building itself is really lovely as well because it’s super modern and stylish. It’s clear the uni have spent a lot of money creating this space and I would definitely recommend it for an open exam.

Nothing beats a celebratory ramen after a long, hard working day!

Department study spaces

Most departments have their own on campus study spaces and common rooms and they often go unused because people don’t know they exist. It is definitely worth properly checking out your department as these spaces can be really useful, especially for before and after lectures or seminars.

As an added bonus, the people studying there during deadline season are probably equally as stressed as you and therefore won’t want to get distracted.

Your bedroom

This can be quite a nice idea because at the end of the day there’s no place like home. Pros of working in your bedroom include unlimited supply of tea and coffee and you don’t have to get dressed.

Just don’t work from your bed- you’re just asking to take an accidental four hour nap.

Not your living room

You can pretend all you like that you’re going to get loads of hard work done from your sofa but we all know you’re lying. The second one of your housemates comes downstairs and stats chatting to you it’s all over.  Save the TV time for later on.

King’s Manor

Am I the only one who discovered King’s Manor far too late into their degree? If you don’t study Archaeology then there’s probably no need for you to have ever visited but it’s definitely worth it. The dark academia vibes are really vibey but it can get pretty cold in there so make sure to bring a thick jacket and maybe even a hot water bottle.

To put it simply, if you’re the kind of person who write your essays in Times New Roman, then King’s Manor is the place for you.

Not the library

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I mean who am I to tell you what to do but I really wouldn’t recommend the library this time of year. It’s the main (and the biggest) study site on campus and during exam season it is rammed full of unoriginal people who have no idea where else to do their work.

If you are planning on going to the library then please at least book out one of those cool glass rooms with some of your friends. I’ve heard that’s the key to becoming a certified BNOC.

Various cafés in town

York is practically famous for all of it’s cafés and coffee spots. From The Piccadilly to The Fossgate Social, there are some really lovely places that have good working atmospheres. Studying in cafés is not for the weak, however, because it’s so easy to get distracted by people watching and listening to everyone’s conversations.

Top tip: if you visit a chain coffee shop you don’t have to feel guilty about only buying one coffee and making it last six hours.

Spring Lane Building

Spring Lane is right in the centre of campus and has a good vibe which makes it a really convenient place to sit an open exam. Plus the chair’s are pretty comfy. It’s quite hit or miss however as the upstairs can get really full- rooms can be booked though.

Those random pods on the water on Campus East

I’m going to be honest I have no idea what these are, what they look like inside or if you can even use them. But if you can then you definitely should- they look like really relaxing.

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