Why Malala should come to Warwick, not Oxford

We all know Warwick is the better and more sensible choice here

Are waist-trainers the new corset?

No, quite simply its neither beneficial nor goals

Stop judging me for being a Feminist

It’s not about man-hating, bra-burning lesbians

Why International Women’s Day is still a big deal

Be bold for change

Just because we go to Warwick, it doesn’t mean we’re boring

It’s more fun than people give it credit for

Why you should actually care about the Students’ Union elections

Fewer than 15 per cent of students tend to vote in the election

If you’re not black and you sing the N-word in the club, you need to stop

‘A racial slur backed by a melody does not make it any less of a racial slur’

Stop telling me my long distance relationship won’t work

It’s literally the perfect scenario

Love is dead: Tinder and dating apps are killing romance

There, I said it

Buying drinks for girls on a night out is outdated and sexist

All you‘ll get in return is ‘I have a boyfriend’

Why are we still banning speakers at universities?

Universities should be the ultimate champions of free-speech

In this new year, I’m giving up social media

I shouldn’t have to go on holiday just to get away from the internet

What it’s like to suffer from anxiety at Warwick

‘I have been passed from person to person’

It’s time we talked about the international divide at Warwick

‘Oh man, but that’s where all the internationals go out!’

The SU made a statement on offensive Halloween costumes

Yet somehow, they failed to make a clear point

Sexy Halloween costumes are empowering, not damaging

Because it would be awful if we felt attractive, wouldn’t it?

It’s time we stopped moaning about lectures during Freshers’ Week

We came to uni for a degree

Why do we have lectures in Freshers’ Week when we don’t learn anything

No one remembers the sober bits of Freshers’ anyway