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VOTE NOW: Who will be crowned Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2017?

You’re spoilt for choice

The time has come and the vote for Warwick's most eligible bachelor 2017 is now open.

Throughout November, we have brought you Warwick's most eligible bachelors. From rowers to writers and fitness freaks to Smack addicts- we really have scoured campus to bring you the crème de la crème of Warwick's most desirable men.

Here's a reminder of the eight finalists in all their glory before you vote and make your voice heard!

Timi Sanusi

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Second year Biomedical Sciences student Timi Sanusi kicked off this year's nominations. The "clever and cute" scientist received nothing but praise from friends who told The Tab: "He's a great guy, who deserves a great girl."

That great girl better be ready to hit the gym though, as Timi told The Tab he's after a gym partner for some healthy competition.

Rory Stoddart

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Rory Stoddart is a fourth year psychology student. Stoddart is a keen traveller and a bit of a daredevil having completed Tough Mudder and rock climbing in his spare time.

While recently recovering from a broken leg, it appears that Rory is not the type of guy to break your heart, having been described as a down-to-earth, friendly and an all-round loveable guy.

Barnaby Papadopulos

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Next up we had fresher History student Barnaby, who really seems to have left quite the impact on the women of Warwick. Described as a "Marxist Adonis", Barnaby writes for the Huffington Post in his spare time and has even had lunch with the Queen.

While his "perfectly symmetrical face" seems to have attracted a large array of women, Barnaby is now looking for someone to keep him on the "straight and narrow."

Will Rutherford-Roberts

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Will Rutherford-Roberts, or Troy Bolton as he is more frequently compared to, won eligibility points based on his "luscious, long, golden hair" and starring role as a Warwick Wolves quarterback.

The Warwick Wolves social-sec does, however, enjoy the more serene things in life. He fully embraces his "simple country boy" roots in the summer when he enjoys working on his family's farm, riding tractors and playing with his adorable sausage dog.

Lucas Letellier

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Lucas Letellier, a fourth year International Business with Spanish student has three languages to his name. If that wasn't impressive enough, he's also a "top star of the Warwick Rowers 2018 calendar."

In his fourth and final year at university, it appears Letellier is looking for a "chill term 3 experience," which if you're lucky, could involve you.

Andrei Barbu

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Third year Law student, Andrei Barbu, was next to be nominated. Barbu's work isn't just limited to his law degree, as he's also a bartender at Neon and Smack. According to close friends Barbu has "got the looks, charisma, brains", and is pretty much the full package.

Perhaps most attractive of all however, is Barbu's ability to "sing all the lyrics of Man's Not Hot while cooking a romantic dinner."

Mathias Swerdlow

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Mathias Swerdlow, third year Economics student was next up in the long line of eligible bachelors. The "heartbreaking BNOC" is apparently "known for his rogue moves and ability to pull anyone."

His single lifestyle has spurred Mathias into gaining a reputation of being "an all around ladies man."

Kishore Kumar

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Second year Economics student Kishore rounded off the nominations. Kishore is quite literally a man who can do both. When he's not being a social butterfly, he's hard at work on the EconSoc exec.

The 6'4" student has also climbed Kilimanjaro, yet despite these accolades remains "the nicest guy you'll ever meet and a great listener."

Have your vote now for Warwick's Most Eligible Bachelor 2017