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Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2017 nominee: Barnaby Papadopulos

He’s ‘aesthetic perfection’

We are in the midst of our annual search for Warwick's most eligible bachelors and as expected this year's nominees do not disappoint.

Enter fresher and History student Barnaby Papadopulos, who despite his short stint here seems to have made an impressive stamp on the women of Warwick.

Described by friends as an "Adonis" with a "perfectly symmetrical face," we're not surprised that Barnaby has a long line of women chasing after him.

Barnaby writes for the Huffington Post and has even volunteered in Palestine. It's rumoured that he's also been for lunch with the Queen – one of the few lucky ladies who has managed to snap him up for a lunch date.

Referred to as a "champion of Marxism," we're sure all girls want a fair and equal share of Mr Papadopulos.

When informed of his nomination Barnaby told us that he was both "bemused yet flattered," but what he's really looking for is a lucky lady "with a tight leash to keep me on the straight and narrow". Kinky.

The vote for Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2017 will open later this month.