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Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2017 Nominee: Andrei Barbu

He’s got abs of steel and a heart of gold

Meet the latest nominee for Warwick's most eligible bachelor, Andrei Barbu, a third year Law student who you might recognise from behind the bars of Smack and Neon.

His friends told us "he's everything that you've ever dreamt of in a guy and if you don't believe us just look at his jawline."

Another one of his nominators told The Tab that while "he's got the looks, charisma, brains", the best thing about him is that "he knows how to treat a girl properly."

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When we told Andrei he'd been nominated for most eligible bachelor he was naturally flattered and had an important message for the ladies:

"I can sing all the lyrics of Man's not hot while cooking a romantic dinner. Best of both worlds, I guess."

We told you he knows how to treat a girl properly. Big shaq and a big romantic meal- what more could you want?

The vote for Warwick's Most Eligible Bachelor 2017 will open next week.