Emma Watson Oxford dating

Omg, Emma Watson is currently dating one of her coursemates at the University of Oxford

They were pictured getting a Gail’s together in Oxford

Guys, stay calm but Emma Watson has been confirmed to be dating a fellow University of Oxford student.

Emma Watson is currently studying for a part-time Master’s degree in creative writing at Oxford and seems to have gotten involved with another student in her department.

The Harry Potter actress is now confirmed to be dating Kieran Brown, an Oxford student who is currently studying for a PhD in 19th-century literature and economics. They went public last week after being pictured kissing in Oxford earlier this month.

A source told The Sun: “Emma is studying creative writing and his thesis is all about literary theory — so they have a lot to talk about. She looks so loved up with Kieran.”

The two were pictured together at Gail’s Bakery in Oxford on Friday. Someone in Gail’s at the time said they had a “nice vibe” together and that customers didn’t appear to recognise her. They said: “They were chatting together in the queue, they seemed to have quite a nice vibe. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, apart from when she ordered – she got an espresso, a cake and a juice, or something similar.

“She didn’t seem to try to hide herself, she was just queuing with him normally. Nobody really reacted to her, but I could see people in the shop recognised her.” Emma wore a denim baseball cap backwards, a jumper and scarf whilst Kieran was wearing a blue shirt.

This comes a few weeks after Emma was pictured kissing Kieran, then unidentified, in the centre of Oxford.

Emma started her creative writing Master’s in September after confirming to the Financial Times she was going back to university having reignited her love for writing during lockdown when she began writing poetry and a series of essays.

She previously went to Oxford University more than a decade ago when she studied English at Worcester College for a year in 2011 as a visiting student from Brown University in the United States.

Emma Watson Oxford dating

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She was pictured at Oxford’s Matriculation ceremony (where students officially enrol at the university) and other students on Emma’s course say she attends a handful of lectures, alongside her security team, and does the rest online. The rest of her student life is kept fairly private.

Two of Emma Watson’s lecturers on the course have actually recently successfully sued the university over wrongful termination. Alice Jolly and Rebecca Abrams taught on Emma Watson’s creative writing course for over 15 years and won their case against the university.

Before dating Oxford student Kieran, Emma dated Brandon Green, son of business tycoon Sir Phillip. They broke up after Christmas last year after their “serious romance” ended after 18 months. Both of them met each other’s parents and went on holidays together

It was rumoured that the reason for their split was that Emma had some kind of an epiphany connected to her “Saturn return” and decided that she wanted out of the relationship.

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