644-year-old New College to be renamed Old College as Oxford says name is misleading

The university board of governors voted overwhelmingly to change the name

Oxford University is set to rename 644-year-old New College after the university has admitted the name is misleading.

From the beginning of the next academic year, New College – which was founded in 1379 and is Oxford’s ninth oldest college – will be renamed as Old College.

While The Oxford Tab is working to confirm why the university has now decided to change the name, a source close to the university said senior college management have grown tired with students making the same jokes every year about how New College is actually one of Oxford’s oldest colleges.

With the new academic year just six months away, work has already begun on designing the new website for the name change. Leaked images show what the new webpage will look like.

First year philosophy student at New College, Mary commented: “My world is in disarray. What am I going to do? All I used to tell people when my friends came to visit was how ironic our name is. Now what am I going to talk to them about?”

Final year student Marcus, told The Oxford Tab: “Willie [William of Wykeham, the founder of the college] would be turning in his grave.

“The world has gone mad. This is it, I”m going to do my Master’s at Cambridge now.”

You might want to check the date, you April Fools x

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