Here’s six reasons why Dunkirk is the best place to live as a UoN student

Dunkirk v Lenton supremacy

When finding living arrangements in second and third year, it always comes down to the big question…Lenton or Dunkirk? You can choose from either the absolute chaos of Lenton or the chill vibes of Dunkirk. Dunkirk has something for everyone – from having a Nando’s nearby to being super close to uni.

While there is a tendency for students to only look for houses in Lenton, Dunkirk is a great alternative and, in my opinion, the best place in Notts to live. So, to help you make your decision on where your next home should be, I’m here to tell you why Dunkirk is categorically the best place to live as a student in Notts.

1. It’s close to uni

Possibly one of the best things about living in Dunkirk is that uni is pretty much on your doorstep. 9ams? No problem. You can easily roll out of bed at 8:30 to make it to your early morning lectures. Being in Dunkirk means that uni is only a ten minute walk away and there’s nothing better than that. This also means that you can get home quickly and chill after a long day of lectures and seminars.

2. University Boulevard and UoN tram stops

I’m sure everyone has heard about the amazing tram links in Nottingham. Even better, two of these stops are in Dunkirk. This means that the city centre is only a short tram ride away with a stop very close to you wherever you live in Dunkirk. Not only is one of the stops located directly outside the University of Nottingham campus, but there is also University Boulevard which is closer to those staying in Broadgate Park. This is handy for both first year students in accommodation, and students living in a house in Dunkirk.

3. It’s close to QMC

For all the STEM people out there, living in Dunkirk means that the QMC is only a tram ride or short walk away. Living close to campus for your course is so important, and what better but to have QMC so close. If you’re running slightly late then you can get yourself down to the University of Nottingham tram stop if you don’t have time to walk. Even if you’re not a STEM student, having a hospital so near is equally convenient. While I hope that you won’t need a trip down to A&E during your time at uni, it is definitely reassuring to know that you have a hospital close by.

4. The White Hart

Anyone living in Dunkirk can agree that their local boozer is the White Hart. With such a great atmosphere, lots of benches and loads of TV’s for sporting events, the White Hart is a great pub to have nearby as a student. If you’re up for a cheap pub crawl, the White Hart sell £2.50 pints all day!

5. It’s close to the tennis centre

Nottingham Tennis Centre is not just any old tennis centre, it is one of the best tennis centres in the country as it’s run by the LTA and, even better, it’s in Dunkirk. It’s located directly opposite uni, so not only is it a short walk after finishing a lecture, but it’s also near your house if you live here. Even if you’re not a tennis player, they are always hosting high standard professional events like the Nottingham Challenger, GB Pro Series and the annual Rothesay Open featuring Andy Murray.

6. It has a retail park

Whether it’s date night, or you just fancy going out doing something with your housemates, Dunkirk has its very own retail park which includes a Nando’s, a Five Guys, a bowling alley and a cinema. With both places to eat and activities to do with your SO or your friends, this retail park is in the heart of Dunkirk. So, go and grab yourself a Nando’s and get yourself down to the bowling alley for some student deals.

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