Bored of revision? Here are all the best things to do in Notts during Easter

Who needs to study anyway?

With the Easter holidays beginning, it might be worth thinking about how to make the most of the time off from lectures and seminars before you’re thrown straight back in to the demands of exam season. Whether you plan on staying in Notts with your housemates or whether you go back home to enjoy some home cooked meals and quality time with your family, work might not exactly be on the agenda. Some might say that Easter is invaluable to catch up on some lectures and plan for the upcoming exams but it is also important not to burn yourself out and take some time to relax and recharge.

From exploring new places to having some fun with your housemates, here are all the best things to keep you entertained during your Easter break in Notts:

Grab yourself an Easter egg

After all what is Easter without chocolate? Kick off the holidays right by heading to the shops and treating yourself to a chocolate egg or two. I don’t know about you but I simply cannot study without the proper snacks or motivation. The season is now in full swing with shops stocked with countless different eggs, you  won’t even have to break the bank as much as you might think.

Go to a gig

Perhaps a concert or comedy show? Notts has on offer a great selection of comedy and music events for  great value for money. Live entertainment is a great way to let loose and blow off a bit of steam. Round up all your housemates and enjoy yourself for the night, you might be surprised how better off you feel after a night off from revision. It’s also a great way to reward yourself for a dedicated study day in the library.

Explore what’s around you

If you are staying in Notts this Easter why not head out and about to explore the surrounding area a little? You’ve probably only been able to see the insides of Hallward or if you’re lucky, George Green library during term time. The holidays are a great chance to get out and about and explore the city you’ve been living in for the past several years.

Notts has so much to offer, especially with the Peak District so close and accessible by public transport. Getting outdoors is also great way to take a break from studies to come with a clear head.

Throw a themed food and drink night

Cocktails are always the answer to a great night. Going out can become expensive but why don’t you and your housemates get together and recreate the famous TikTok trend. All you need is a theme, some mixers from Tesco and a Taylor Swift playlist.  Making the cocktails is half the fun, and then comes the best part, the sampling. Just get ready for getting rated to find out who has made the best one. Let’s hope that yours comes out on top.

Drink and draw

Why not get a bit creative over the Easter hols with a artsy wine night? It’s a fun and wholesome way to spend an evening with friends over drinks, painting and laughs. Crafty bits and bobs aren’t too expensive especially if you go to places such as Poundland, Wilko and The Range.

Film marathon or cinema trip

Easter should be a time to take a break from work and make sure you don’t burn going into the exam period, take a break and watch some movies. Who doesn’t love a good movie marathon or a trip to the Savoy? There’s no better study break than watching a new release with a selection of snacks with your housemates.

Make plans for after graduation 

Easter can be used as a time to start planning enjoyable things to look forward to after the chaos of summer term and exams are done and dusted – after all, you need motivation to get you through all those deadlines. Maybe a sunny holiday with your besties before you part ways or booking that musical  you’ve always wanted to watch.

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